TJ and Tess: written by Sinead A. Croarkin

Act One: Scene One:


Priest: It has been four long years since Eleanor's sudden passing and today, on her eighteenth birthday, we celebrate and remember her together.

(TJ slouches in the pew arms folded, hood up)

And now we'll have TJ Harris up to say a few words on Eleanor's behalf.

TJ: (sighs and makes her way to the alter) Well um, Ellie was an awesome person inside and out, and when she- she- You know what! Screw this! I'm not gonna talk about someone who's long gone! And we all know whose fault it was that she died! (TJ runs out of the church)

(Charlie Ellie's twin and TJ's best friend runs after her)

Charlie: TJ! TJ hold on a second! Hold on!

(TJ is outside the church smoking a cigarette)

Charlie: Christ sake TJ, why'd you run out like that? The whole place is gonna start suspecting that Ellie's death was your fault.

TJ: It was Charlie, you know it was! Des was my brother, he and the Saints saw me with her, I didn't pull her down with me, she was fucking killed because of me Charlie! Jesus Christ! (TJ kicks the wall, inhaling on her cigarette )

Shit Charlie!

(Charlie pulls TJ into a hug)

Charlie: Anyone would have done what you had T. It's how we all think.

TJ: Well we're a bunch of selfish fucks then aren't we?

Charlie: (Sighs) we're human T, it's our nature, and you really need to work on not cursing so much. (Laughs)

TJ: (rolls eyes) I, I suppose I'm gonna have to go back in there.

Charlie: Or we could just bail, I don't feel like sitting around and listening to everyone talk about Elle, can I have a pull?

TJ: (Hands him cigarette) Yeah, I'm supposed to be giving these up, and your plan to bail? Sounds perfect.

Charlie: (smirks) Come on then.

TJ: Okay. (looks back over to the graveyard) Give me a few, I need to go somewhere.

Charlie: (Sighs) I'll come pay her a visit too, I mean I am her brother.

TJ: (Smiles sadly) Yeah.

(Two of them head around to the graveyard)

TJ: (Breathes deeply stands next to a grave) Hey Ellie, how are you? I know, I know I haven't come to see you in ages, but I didn't have time, Dad's still badmouthing my music and Joey, Charlie and I have been trying to write some new stuff. Yeah, it's not exactly working out for us. I fucking miss you like crazy Ellie, it's only been four years but it feels double that time. Here's Charlie, he came to say 'Hi' too

Charlie: (Touches grave stone) Hey sis, what's going on? Yeah, I miss you, a lot. TJ is still flunking school, guess she hated your advice. (Laughs) Seriously though, I hope you're alright, wherever the heck you are. Me and T are planning to hang out in Red Commons for a bit, its changed a lot since we were kids. Its cleaner and more badass than before. Well I guess we'll go, I have beers I don't want going warm.

TJ: (rolls eyes) Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow Ellie, we'll see if I want to go to the hell hole we call 'School' or not. (Whispers) take care.

Charlie: Will we go?

TJ: Yeah, yeah lets go.


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