Is it enough, my Lord, to trust my life

Into Thy loving care?

I know that that Thou art merciful

I know that Thou art there


The simple things of life surround

And pull me at my heart

Strange joy and sorrow intertwine

And taunt me from the start


Romance and practicality

Both cry with equal call

Both demand my mastery

And both demand my all


Not patience, nor yet quietness

Not stubborness or pride

Not charity or helpfulness

Can answer me inside


Why is the trouble in my mind

Still yet without a key

And yet for all my twistedness

I know You're still with me


What lacketh yet, my Lord, I cry

Why do shadows dim the way?

Do I forget Thy Holy Writ
Or must I learn to pray?


All I that I had I offered Thee

In simple sacrifice

And yet my paths still seem to skirt

Along a precipice


I've peace and I've security

With trouble and with doubt

All the muddled mess that's life

I cannot figure out


For together, and betwixt

I'm bound and I'm set free

I've friendship yet I'm all alone

-It's contradictory


I know I have the answers, Lord

And yet still play the fool

My ignorance outstanding yet

As when I went to school


No difference now, as was back then

No change in my opinion

I know the Truth yet overall

My flesh retains dominion


Confusion meets my clarity

And takes it by the hand

For all the wisdom that I have

I've yet to understand


There's something else within my life

Dividing me from Thee

Lord and Master of my soul

And my reality


Something but I know not what

Somewhere I've never been

Somehow a Truth, that I must learn

A prayer that I must mean


Merciful God, I plead Thy Word

Thy Honour and Thy Might

Show me what I yet must know

Tell me what is right


Help me find Thee where Thou art

For there I seek to be

For only when I'm at Thy side

Can I be truly free