7th August 2009

Reading the Riddle


I burn within without escape.

My heart throbs without release.

I cannot dream- I cannot breathe.

I know not calm nor peace.


A flame alight that cannot die

Nor do I will it to

I fear the loss- I fear the gain

I know not what to do.


To speak seems but a mockery

A harshness on the ear

So I am silent- yet I speak

With words beyond my year.


Speaking eyes can tell a tale

Too deep for words to explain

Tales of silence, tales of nights

Awake in love and pain.


Can you tell me why I burn?

Read the riddle of my heart.

You know me- and yet knowing all-

Seeketh still my inward part.


'Why?' You ask. But I ask 'How?'

And 'Whom have I become?'

Tortured girl- now grown a woman.

'Whence hath this woman come?'


You read me well- and read me deep.

No soul has been more open yet

So tell me why I feel so old

And why my eyes are wet.