It was dark. Dark and cold. So very, very cold. The wind howled outside like the wailing of a thousand ghosts, calling for their loved ones to join them.

Four bodies lay piled together in the large bed, desperate for each other's warmth as they slept. One form stirred, curling into the warmth of his brothers. Desperate to go back to sleep and ignore the biting cold he tried to ignore the constant howling of the wind outside. He flinched with every gust of wind that rattled the old, rickety cottage they called home.

Now fully awake the teen sat up, staring at his brothers in the darkness. Despite being unable to see them he knew fully well who lay where. Being careful as not to wake the others he slipped out of bed, shivering as his feet hit the cold stone floor and a blanket of iciness wrapped itself around him.

Padding over to the other end of the room he grabbed his elder brother's fur coat and threw it on over the thin nightshirt he was wearing. With one last look towards the general direction of the bed and his brothers he cracked open the door just enough for him to slip through before closing it again.

A series of shivers worked itself up his spine as his bare feet touched the snow that covered the ground. Hitching the coat higher up his shoulders before pulling it closer around the waist he started his trek through the snow covered woods. The coat's undersides were soon white with snow as it dragged over the ground.

The inky darkness of the sky started to melt into different hues of pink and orange as the teen continued walking, never once stopping, not until he reached the end of the woods and stood on the edge of a large, snow-covered meadow.

A smile appeared on his face as he threw off the fur coat and ran towards the centre of the meadow. For several moments he just stood there, smiling and looking around. Finally nodding to himself as if satisfied with what he saw he sat down and closed his eyes, hands on the snow beside him, thin fingers spread. A few more second passed before, almost as if an invisible signal had been given, the teen drew in a deep breath and started to sing. Softly at first, almost as if unsure of himself, but as he kept on singing his voice grew louder and steadier.

Head thrown back as he reached a long, high note, the snow surrounding him suddenly started to melt. It was painstakingly slow at first, almost as if every separate crystal fought its oncoming dead, but soon the whole meadow had been rid of snow. Even the snow on the trees in the wood started to melt, the wooden giants groaning as their branches were freed of their load and they awoke from their deep slumber.

Jumping up from where he sat on the ground the teen started to jump and dance around the meadow. The dull, broken strands of grass grew and returned to their vibrant green colour as he passed, flower stems sprouting from where his feet touched the ground. They grew and blossomed as he continued to dance and sing.

His voice, now so like the chiming of small, silver bells sparkled in the air. Swirling and growing into tons of vibrantly coloured butterflies. Touching the flowers for a brief time before flying away, the butterflies left in order to bring spring to all of the world.

With now not only the meadow, but also the woods and mountains nearby alive with vibrantly coloured flowers and butterflies the teen stopped dancing, his voice fading away.

Where first a teen of about seventeen in age had sat stood now a young man of somewhere in his early- to mid-twenties. A soft breeze ruffled the grass and flowers playfully, making his now shimmering pale blond hair dance. Bright green eyes twinkled as he overlooked his work, cheeks dusted a pale pink.

Spring had sprung.

As Spring stood there, relishing in the feeling of freshly awoken nature, he could sense his brothers nearing. Not long after they appeared on the edge of the meadow. Winter, previously the eldest of the four now looked not a day past the age of seven. His nightshirt dragged over the ground, hair white as snow and icy blue eyes wide with childlike glee. Autumn now looked like a young teen, twelve at the most instead of his previous seven. Auburn hair and amber eyes alight with the fire of his namesake. Summer had blossomed into a skinny, leggy seventeen year old, honey coloured hair ablaze in the sun and warm brown eyes glittering.

They all ran towards their now eldest brother, tackling him to the ground, hugging and tickling him with the eagerness and joy that was always brought upon the four brothers with the change of seasons.

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