What If

What would happen if everything you ever loved, ever liked, ever known, was gone the next day?
Would you cry? Would you do something about it? Would you do something extreme to yourself? Or would you carry on as if nothing happened, and find a new group?

What if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you for no apparent reason after a long and beautiful relationship? Would you put up a fight for the good? Would you cry for days? Would you never love again? Or would you go and find someone new?

What if your friend got into a car crash and died? Would you attend the wake and be supportive? Would you turn Goth and sit alone and depressed that your friend died? Would you always remember him/her in your heart? Or would you live life and get a new gang of friends?

What if all of your friends and family were burned in a fire with no survivors? Would you cry for the love ones? Would you be by their sides in the hospital knowing there was no cure? Would you run away from everything that you believed in and live as a foster child? Or would you move forward and find new family that was better than before?

What if half of the world got engulfed by a natural disaster? Would you grieve for the lost souls? Would you remember and honor? Would you keep yourself safe? Or would you run far from the problems and be glad it wasn't you.

What if the world ended and you were the only survivor? Would you regret anything? Would you have done everything on your bucket list? Would you go to drastic to yourself to get out of the misery? Or would you continue life as if zilch ever occurred?

What would you do?

Any of this can happen tomorrow. So live life to its fullest. Love it and everything that it has to offer. Do not end it with repentance. Love your friends. Love your family. They are all that you have.

Party until dawn. Kiss a boy. Kiss a girl. Get drunk off of your ass. Fall in love. Jump off of a cliff. Go bungee jumping. Sneak into an exclusive club. Go skydiving. Lie through your teeth. Write a novel. Climb Mount Everest. Swim in the canals of Venice. Design Japanese hand bags. Become famous. Discover something new in the world of science. Receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Become president. Be a DJ. Stage dive at someone else's concert. Get a major hangover and regret what you did. Later, you will be glad that you did that. Have fun. There isn't much time. Life is a precious thing. Use every minute wisely.