Author's Note:
This is actually the sequel to Thank You George Ferris. You're weolcome to that person who wanted this.

I sat on the hard cold seat on the top of the Ferris wheel at our town carnival. Sitting next to me was my best friend, Phoebe. I really like her. I was actually kind of glad that her friends left her, and mine pranked me.

Her long dirty brown hair blew in the wind, covering her face as the bench shook back and forth. It had short stopped at the very tippy top. Phoebe had a deep fear of heights. I saw her look down at the fall. Her face went white. I pulled her in to safety.

"It's okay," I said. "I've got you." She was warm. Her skin was soft. She smelt of her perfume. It reminded me of running in the wildflower field.

The wheel stayed in place. They were having some problem with the control panel. Some idiot spilled some beer on it. It hasn't nudged for a long while. It gave me chance to be with Phoebe.

"So," she said. "Can you believe that Matt and Taylor broke up?"

"I know," I said. "They were the best couple ever. Plus the longest one since James and Aria." I looked into her eyes. They were pretty, but she doesn't know it. They were cute."

"Who do you think would make a cute couple?" she asked. We would, I thought. I had to lie.

"Definitely Ben and Peyton, uh, Harry and Frannie, and I think that you would look good with Edward." I said it with hurt. I don't want anyone near my Phoebe. She was mine.

"Oh really," she responded. "Well then I think that you would look good with Sophia." My heart dropped as I heard that. That statement could have meant anything. Maybe she likes me just as a friend. Maybe she's lying. Maybe she's just trying to be nice, as usual. Maybe she has no desire to be with me.


"You heard me." I looked down at the tiny ants below us. "Is there a problem with that?"

"Yes," I said sternly. "There is. I actually like someone else, but I don't know how to get her. She would never say yes." I had to create another girl. This was it, Garrett. I have to put on my moves now. I need to get her now. I love her.

"Are you kidding me? You're Garrett Richardson! You're amazing. And any girl would be lucky to have you," Phoebe said happily.

"Even you?" I asked ion high hopes. There was fear in her eyes, her beautiful green eyes.

"Even me," Phoebe smiled. Okay, I had her caught on the hook. Now I just need to reel her in.

"Well how would I get a girl like her? She's the best person ever in the whole universe." I tried to be careful on the specifics. She better not actually think that I am describing someone else.

"Well," she started. "First, you got to get all snuggled like this." I leaned in more. I had already been cuddling her from when she got scared.

"Next?" I asked.

"Next you need to say something like, 'I really like you, and I don't ever want to lose you'. And look deeply into her eyes. Now you try."

I sat up straight and pretended to fix an invisible tie. I was always able to make her laugh. I needed it now. I then cleared my throat and looked her directly in her eyes.

"I really like you, and I don't ever want to lose you." I tried to get as close as possible. Her green pool of eyes had me under a spell. They were like the spring. I gazed into them. "Now?"

"Now," she said looking back. "You have to do something spontaneous. Something that she wouldn't expect. Something that would really sweep her off her feet."

What's something spontaneous that I can do? Show up at her doorsteps with a zebra? No. Give her flowers? Chocolate? NO. Should I just tell her? Should I make a big thing at school? Maybe make a banner? Profess my love to the world? No. it has to be now. Think!

I turned back to Phoebe and kissed her. Her lips were soft and light. They tasted like watermelon, my favorite. Finally! I have been waiting to do that for fourteen years. I can't believe that I was making out with the hottest and most awesome girl ever, my best friend.
The machine jerked back into motion.

We separated.

"Why did you do that?" asked Phoebe.

"Well," I began. "Did you expect that?"