by Fabian Cortez

Softest down of curls aside

Alabaster works of art

Provide perfection

To my required respite,

Just moments prior

Such pistons, pounding

Craving, aching wanton

Sybaritic hungers

Were patronised

To a disgraceful,

Yet most appealing

Extent, blondest locks

Merged entwining rugs

To covered bed, linens

Plushest carpets, burgundy

In hue co-merged tangled


You're perfect sumptuous

Being, voluptuous, wondrous

Rosebud hills to taste

Embankments & valleys to gorge

Welcoming estuary as tongues

Flickered as a candlelit night

So nectars flowed jets & floods

In fervent rhythmic tones

Your skin glistens, still bejewelled

Your breath pants obsessive

Spent of prior hungers

But your eyes still engulf my soul

With a longing embrace, everlasting

So sunrise welcomes

Dawn's arrival with a

Gentle kiss.