As his voice
blasted swear words
and hatred
completely obliterating
any remains of emotions at all
she was left crumbed at the well needed crease
of wall and floor
drowning in her own tears

She was pained to know
his words were lies
and that every chance
she would extend her reasons
the corrections to his
mislead conclusions
he yelled louder
to mute her voice

She is haunted by her scarred memory
of an eight year old
violently told
that she couldn't understand
that she will never understand
and will always be naive and clueless

That young girl cried herself to sleep
for the next ten years
wondering what she did wrong
thinking of a reason behind
his ravaging accusations
that pieced her heart
with such force
that left her in shambles

His temper frightened her
it chilled her sanity
and made her scared
that she herself has the capabilities of his rage
within the very body
that she occupied

The words of failure
not good enough
warped her mentally
gouging out her self-confidence
and killing the essence of herself

Everything was done
in his name
the grades, the school,
the team, the music,
the things she would do
to make him proud
to allow him to look her way
and acknowledge her
for who she was

Seated against the wall
she cried silently
with wet pavements
smoothing over
the concrete plains
wondering if she should call him back
to once again be subjected
to the hatred of his voice
the never ceasing anger in his cursed
and believe once again that she
continues to be useless
and ungrateful

While all the while
her shaken whispers
plead for
the screams to stop