Evan Mathews, successful wedding planner, falls in love with a soon to be married man.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov, secret artist, trapped into an engagement by his control freak because he came out as bisexual. He doesn't know how to get out of it without losing the trust fund he gets when he's 26 and being disowned.


I love my job.

Planning weddings was always something I knew I was born to do.

When I was little, my best friend Shelly and I would dress up and put on a pretend wedding, and not the normal kind.

I would dress up as the bride and Shelly as the groom. I guess that's how our parents figured we were gay, and used to joke about it all the time.

Now I don't look overly effeminate, but I'm close. I have blonde hair that I keep at a medium length and sky blue eyes.

My build is moderate, no matter how much I go to the gym with my brother I don't gain any muscle.

So now I just run, helps keep from spiking up pounds of weight after all the late nights Shelly and I go through.

It also gave me some really great legs.

Our parents were amazing; they didn't care how we turned out because they would love us regardless.

Although my Dad always hoped I didn't turn out to be a transvestite, and very relieved I didn't.

We grew up in a happy little town called Cottonwood, Arizona. Most people who grew up here stay here, but not us. Shelly and I, with our super brains and whatnot, got into a great college in New York.

We both went with a major of design and business and took extra botany (learning about flowers) and cooking classes.

Four years of our hard work and sweat we finally got out of that hellhole. College is not fun, trust me. I mean sure there were plenty of hot guys, and I'm a major flirt, but with all the assignments and projects the only time we were able to have fun was on the breaks and holidays.

After we got out we got a small shop and made a business as wedding planners.

Most people, it would take forever to have a business in the first year after they got out of college, but because of our parents wealth and of course all that hard work and disgusting sweating we did, we made it happen.

Now 3 years out of college and twenty three years old, we have a successful business, amazing hard workers, and rising to be one of the best wedding businesses in New York.

Of course we had our family to help out and I currently have been living with my older brother Cain. He had agreed to come to New York when we were starting our business. He's working as a carpenter, not an attractive job really, but he has the muscles and he love doing it.

He's living with me because Shelly lives in an apartment with her girlfriend and I hate living alone.

Okay, enough about all that, let's get to the good part. The part where I fall in love with a soon to be married man.

Chapter 2:

"All right let's get started. Okay, first things first, where would you like to have the wedding?" said Evan.

Claire answered. "We haven't decided yet, right sweetie?" she cut me off before I could answer, "I would love to have it outside though, somewhere with a view."

"Are you looking for somewhere in New York? There are great wedding spots I think you would love."

"Really? What would you suggest?"

"Well my all-time favorite would have to be The Delegates' Dining Room at the United Nations…"

They continued on and on just like that, but I wasn't listening. I was too busy staring at an angels face. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but he is beautiful.

And maybe I'm imagining it, but I'm pretty sure those side looks he's been giving me, means he thinks I'm pretty good looking too.

Damn, I wish my brother were here, he can make anything entertaining.

I love my family, they're the best, and they were supportive of me when I came out as bisexual. Came close to throwing me a party too.

That is, until my parents made it very clear that they didn't like it. They started ignoring me for a while, which hurt because family means a lot to me, two months later they decided this wedding arrangement.

Even got grandma to agree with it. They all threatened me with my trust fund and being disowned.

I'm not a spoiled brat or anything, but almost everybody I know, know that I'm completely doomed without at least a little bit of money. Also, if I get disowned I could say goodbye to all the connections I have if I ever want to be a famous artist one day.

My parents are at the top, and they are the only ones who can get me my dream.

They used to be good people you know, all about family and acceptance. Then money happened, turned them into superficial bigots.

Sometimes I can see who they used to be, under all that judgment, but I can tell that the old them isn't coming out anytime soon.

Enough of that sad stuff, not that what's going on isn't any sadder.

I tune back into what they're saying, and figure out they're having an argument.

Evan's POV:

Who does this bimbo think she is?

She's trying to tell me how to plan a wedding, seriously she is arguing over everything.

"If you have over 1,000 guests, then you can't have the reception at the Delegates Dining Room," I said, trying to control my anger.

"Well, we'll have to fix that won't we?" she said in a falsely sweet voice.

"We can have builders set up and make more space, you can make that happen, right hon?"

Her fiancé, Mikhail, look back at her blankly. She huffs in anger, takes her phone out dialing. She stomps out the room with her phone to her ear.

She just makes it out the door in time for us to hear her say, "Daddyy..." in a whiny voice.

Great, now I'm alone in a room with the fiancé. I haven't decided yet whether it a good or bad thing.

We've just been sitting here in the quiet for the past couple minutes.

I'm starting to get nervous, this guy is gorgeous. I have drooled over plenty of grooms in the past, but this one is different. He's been staring at me intensely, for almost the whole time and I can't make out any emotion on his face.

I bite my lip and look at the wall, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Mikhail's POV:

After ten minutes of staring I stand up. Startled, he hastily stands up too.

Almost simultaneously, we head for the door and end up bumping into each other. We both stand there, facing each other.

I stare at his lips, damn would I like to try them out for taste. Too bad my leech, I mean my fiancé is down the hall. Well if I can't touch, I might as well flirt a little.

I step a little closer to him, but he doesn't seem to notice as he stares into my eyes. I bit my lip and say in the huskiest voice I can manage, "So you like planning weddings?"

Mental face palm. What happened? Instead of sounding sexy, like I'm pretty sure I always do, I sounded like a 16 year old boy talking to his crush.

Evan has a confused face on, but his cheeks are a little pink. Sweet, I still had game.

"Um yes? I'm pretty sure that's why I'm a wedding planner."

I step a little closer with a small smirk on my face, "hmm." I rake my eyes all over his body and watch his face and neck heat up. I'm about to step a little closer so that our chests would be brushing when Claire stomps in

He takes two steps back and rubs the back of his neck blushing. Claire doesn't notice she's too busy yelling at me.

"What are you doing standing around Alex? We have to meet Brittany at 2!"

I don't get a chance to answer because she turns to Evan with a false smile on her face.

"I understand what you mean about the dining hall whatever, but I need a bigger space so we can plan something later on."

"Um, yeah, sure. Just make an appointment with Shelly at the front desk." Evan stammers.

"Kay bye. Let's go Alex!"

I roll my eyes and start to follow but stop at the door.

"See you later Evan." I say with my killer smile on.

I smile even bigger when I see him blushing. I turn back around, and with a wave of my hand I'm gone.