Duck and Cover – Don't turn your back on the Wolfpack

Feb 21 1984


OK, so if you are not familiar with ABLE ARCHER or OPERATION RYAN – you should realize that the world almost went to war in late 1983. Yes. Global Thermonuclear War, and arguably, closer than we got in 1962.

http:/www DOT alternatehistory DOT com/discussion/showthread DOT php?t=210214

1983- The Brink of Apocalypse – Colonel Stanislav Petrov prevents a nuclear war when a Soviet system malfunctions and reports US ICBM launches

http:/ www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=S_VaTeLnGdo&feature=related – you really ought to look at all eight parts for a good look at this time period DOT

http:/ www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=jlPEBROvR9w – First Strike – a film made with an extraordinary amount of cooperation with Strategic Air Command, about a possible attack on the US in the 1980s. If you look at all three parts, it is a thinly disguised commercial for the MX/GLCM missile increases and MIRV targeting funding increases. But there is a lot of good information here, even so.

I recall the world that was in those days – I was a recently divorced single father in college in those days, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Reserve and scared as hell of the world situation. If I'd know what had really happened, I'd have been terrified.

Duck and Cover! is the American View of the events happening in Protect and Survive, the post-nuclear war Time Line started by Mcgraggle. I recommend you check it out here, reading the first couple of posts and some of the Prospero stories will help you get some context of some of the events found in Duck and Cover! Now, without further ado here is Duck and Cover! Hope you enjoy.

Land of Flatwater is another story set in this shared universe http:/ www DOT alternatehistory DOT com/discussion/showthread DOT php?t=211130

Which discusses events in Nebraska

Oh…and I'm no fan of wrestling, but Not that I'm a fan of Wrestling, but this is a link to the song I'm referencing - a bit anachronistic, but it fits the theme.

http:/ www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=IcazQdHrRcI

Bad form to put references at the front – but this is fiction, not a report – but you might find this interesting reading http:/ www DOT fas DOT org/irp/dia/product/smp_84_ch2 DOT htm

http:/ www DOT fas DOT org/irp/dia/product/smp_87_ch2 DOT htm

So, a fanfic of a fanfic…recursive much? Anyway – this is a tale of a few people in Western New York, in a timeline where WWIII happened in February 1984.