The Guest I never knew

From Brianna Gray

I stand on my two feet drowning in the mud that my ancestors once stood in. looking at the marks that once stood here and the troubles and mistakes that they learned just by the wrinkles in their bones. I see my father, Marvin, as he lays in the coffin sleeping peacefully with his soul in god's hands and his troubles, from the past, in the devils graveyard. I sit all the way to the back on the right side of the bench. Smoking my cigarette as all the people in the front cry and drown in tears. I try to cover up all the pain with the highness of the smoke that heels me. I see my brothers and sisters from the orphanage and it is another excuse for me to cry my eyes out. Looking at them as depressed and disappointed made me turn my head as if it was too hard to watch. I try to close my eyes for a minute until this guy came up to me. He was 5'4 with braids in his hair and black and white beads at the end. He had on an all black outfit with dark shades that looked blind but followed people with his heart.

"Hey Robert," he says, as he touches my shoulder.

"Hi Mr. Wonder," I said as I turned my head.

I looked back at him and tried to cover what I was really feeling. He looks towards my face and says.

"I was wondering, how are you doing?"

I fidgeted with my hands a little and looked at the sky. I wish I could cry right now but something in me told me to be a man.

"I'm doing fine," I answered

"You know, if you need anything, you can call me."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. It had a big Guitar pick on it with a signature of my father's name, Marvin Gaye, on it. I see his name as a remembrance of what he did and how he touched people. I put it close to my heart to share the image that I had with him from all these years. Mr. Wonder took his two hands and pulled out a picture with me and culled up in the tuft medical hospital. He went closer to me and said.

"So we can have a chance to meet again. Like father like son."

He looks to the ground and walks away. Realizing we had the same birth mark.