Tessa was a small girl, around six years of age, who lived on the outskirts of town with her mother. Due to her weak disposition, she was not allowed to go outside and play like other children. But Tessa didn't mind. Their house had a big garden and every day, she would entertain herself by making up stories, talking to the trees, picking up fallen leaves, making tiaras out of flowers… there is no limit to a little girl's imagination when she's left alone in a big garden all by herself.

One day, Tessa found a small creature stuck between the flowers. Upon looking more closely, she saw that it had wings on its back and the face of a small boy. His wings were caught between the flower stems and he couldn't get out of there himself. Tessa gently pulled the stems apart and freed him. He flew up till he was at eye-level with her.

"You can see me" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes!" she answered with her eyes wide and a happy grin on her face.

"Well, there's nothing to it then!" he said, grinning along with her.

He closed his eyes and a bright glow of light engulfed him. When the light faded, there stood a little boy, the same size as her. His wings had disappeared.

"I'm Tessa! What's your name?"

"My name is Louis. I am a tree fairy"

"A fairy?" Tessa asked, her eyes wide with wonder. "Will you play with me Louis?"

"Yes" he replied with a smile.

And so they played. It is amazing how many interesting games the mind of a little child can come up with. Especially for Tessa, who had never had a playmate before, this new-found companion was a joy to behold. Too soon, it was dusk and Tessa's mother came to call her back into the house.

"It's getting dark Tessa, come back inside!" she called.

"But I'm having so much fun playing with Louis mother!"

"Louis? Are you making up people again dearest? If you come inside, mommy will play with you!"

"Huh? But he's right here!" Tessa exclaimed, confused.

"I'm sure he is; you can play again tomorrow. Now come in quickly before you catch a cold darling!" Her mother went back into the house and Tessa turned to look at Louis.

"You are the only one who can see me" he explained.

Tessa grinned. "Then you're my secret friend! Will you come and play with me again?"

Louis smiled. "Yes" He transformed back into his original form and flew away as Tessa waved.

After that, Louis would come to play with Tessa every day but when twilight came, he would leave. Tessa was happy to have a friend she could play with and waited every day for Louis to come.

One day, Tessa fell gravely ill and could not go out to play. She had a high fever and felt quite dizzy. But still, she wanted to go out and play with Louis.

"Can I go out and play mommy?"

"Not today sweetheart."

"But Louis must be waiting for me!"

"You need to get some rest darling. You can go out and play to your heart's content when you're feeling better, I promise." Tessa knew her mother's decisive tone well enough to know not to argue.

A few days went by and Tessa's condition worsened. Her sickness was not something a child's body could bear with for too long and her mother feared for her. She had to go into town the next day to replenish her medical supplies and so she had to leave Tessa alone for a short while; there was no other go.

Louis flew in noiselessly and transformed at Tessa's bedside.

"Wake up Tessa" Louis coaxed.

She stirred and opened her eyes. "Louis…?"

"You have not come to play with me these past four days", he chided gently.

"But I-"

"It's alright!" He smiled. "Drink this." He held up a small vial and pulled out the cork.

He handed the vial to her and she drank obediently till it was fully emptied. Within minutes, she felt energy buzzing through her veins; she felt as healthy as any other child, healthier than she had ever been before.

"What was that?" she asked in wonder

"That was the magic of the trees. This is their gratitude for your love all these years; and mine, for rescuing me Tessa"

When her mother returned, she was bewildered to see Tessa up and about and healthy like she had never been before. When Tessa told her it was all Louis' doing, she still did not believe her story and kept wondering, mystified. Her daughter grinned mischievously to herself and decided that her secret friend was going to remain a secret after all.

Tessa and Louis remained friends forever and had wonderful times together. Even as she grew up, she still remained the only one who could see him; her secret friend.

*** THE END ***

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