Mythology tells of a monster, a monster so magnificent, so deadly that none that see it live. The monster of legend is a monster of wonder for people, but some don't believe in it they doubt its existence. The monster for those that believe in it call it Zadoc. The creator of this magnificent, deadly monster, nobody knows even the legends that speak of him do not tell of the monsters parents. Nobody wants to believe in the creature's existence for if they do they fear their own death, but those that do believe, believe that the creature is held captive by the military used to carry out missions of unspeakable terror. Some even go as far to say he walks among us. This is the story of Zadoc the creature of deadly existence.

School was starting everybody was in the hallways getting their books from their lockers and talking to old friends. The doors opened suddenly and a new student walked in, he was dressed in black jeans with images of fire engulfing the legs of his jeans, his shirt was made of plain polyester with a dragon wrapped around a pale skull the skulls eyes blood red. He was in a leather jacket and black combat boots. His hair was spiked and black with streaks of blonde in it. He strode forward as all the eyes in the vicinity turned towards him. Those in his presence felt a tremor run through their body. The air around them grew cold like the presence of this person was the presence of death. Very few could stay in the room they all scattered all of them scrambling to get to their classes. The person walked to the main office on the second floor and received his schedule. Walking to his first class Army JROTC he knew this would be easy. A smile crossed his lips revealing a perfect set of pure white teeth. His first class would be on the first floor of the building. The morning bell rang just as he walked into the room. Again all eyes turned towards him he walked to his seat and stood behind the chair. Roll was called for class and he waited till his name was called

"Gray" the instructor, a tall Army Master Sergeant, called.

"Here Sergeant" Gray responded his voice was deep and loud. He hated the name the mortals called him. Gray what kind of name was that even worse was his first name Keith. He preferred to be called by his birth name Zadoc but none could know of his birth or name. As roll continued Zadoc stood behind his chair his head looking around at the classroom. The day continued the same way till he reached fourth hour American lit. The class room was locked as the teacher was busy doing something probably taking care of the fight that had happened during passing period. A girl walked up to Zadoc he did not mind but he could sense the fear emanating from the people around him but no fear radiated from this girl. She was a sophomore just like him wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a brown jacket and brown boots.

"Hey" she said. Zadoc did not respond the people around them looked at her and Zadoc wondering what was going to happen. "Hey you, the dude in the black jacket" she said again this time tapping him on the shoulder.

"What" Zadoc responded his voice booming around the empty hallways.

"Your Gray, right the new cadet in AJROTC." She questioned. The way she asked it made it seem like it was more of a rhetorical question so Zadoc did not respond. "I take that as a yes" she said somewhat smiling. The teacher arrived and opened the door and the class went to their seats. Ironically the girl that was talking to Zadoc sat next to him. So their "friendship" started. Weeks passed as the two got to know each other, and towards the end of the first semester they started going out.

The school year passed as the two started to like each other more and more and hang out more often, but as Zadoc knew he could not escape reality, soon it would catch up with him and it did. It was the middle of the last semester when reality caught up with him. A group of demons lead by Zadoc's brother Xavier attacked the school.

The demons attacked Zadoc first, biting at his throat and clawing his arms and legs. Zadoc fought ripping the demons in half and using a black sword to absorb their essence as he slashed through their bodies. Dust covered the school when Zadoc was done but the battle was not yet over. A voice echoed across the school the voice of Xavier.

"Keith Gray, pathetic fool, if you wish you see your girl alive ever again then you shall come and meet me at the football field and meet your demise." Zadoc ran, sprinting across the school rushing past cowering school mates. He arrived at the football field five minutes later to find the girl of his dreams dying lying on the ground blood pouring out of her body. Rushing to her, he knelt down and picked her up holding her in his arms her blood still pouring out of her body he looked at her and their eyes locked the brilliance of her hazel eyes meeting the rage and emptiness of his black. He held her there time seemingly stopped.

"I love you" he whispered to her"

"I love you too, Zadoc." It was her last word, his name uttered out loud for the first time in a millennia. Laughter followed the statement but the laughter did not derive from the lips of Zadoc. It in fact came from the lips of Xavier the killer of Zadoc's true and only love. Zadoc was consumed with pure rage he leaped at Xavier just as Xavier leapt at him. The battle lasted for what seemed like hours but in fact lasted only fifteen minutes. The battle was ferocious Zadoc fighting for revenge and Xavier fighting because of a hatred that burned within him for eons. In the end nobody won Zadoc and Xavier died each at the other's hands. The military arrived after the battle had ended and found Zadoc lying next to the girl. His arms wrapped around her in his sweet embrace. They found no trace of Xavier only dust. The funeral for Zadoc and the girl were held later that day. They were laid to rest together in each other's arms. The faces of the deceased content to just lay there, a seemingly endless beauty of the two

Even now it is said that the two of them rest in a special place only the two of them can go, always having fun being together always ending the day in the encirclement of the other.