A baby's first wail.

It was like music, as cliché as it sounds. I was waiting this moment for nine months. I was waiting for the moment I would get to hold and never let go of my first born. Everything was like a dream, it was fuzzy and I couldn't understand everything the doctors were saying. All I could think about as the operating light was shining down was to have my daughter in my arms.

Calen squeezed my hand and as slowly as I could without getting whip lash I looked at him. He looked down at me; worry was imbedded in his eyes. He mouthed something, well maybe he said it to me all the sounds were blurring together.

"Don't worry" It said then he turned and looked at a nurse bringing a bundle of something to us. I smiled in joy.

It was my baby; she was finally going to be in my arms. The warm bundle was placed in my arms and I smiled at her face. She was dozing off but I could her eyes perfectly. She had my dark brown eyes, and Calen's brown hair.

She's beautiful, she's mine.

Everything was getting to me and I felt a sudden a sudden tiredness washed over me. Calen face entered my perspective. He shook me and I could see tears pooling in his eyes.

"Baby I love you don't go" He begged. I didn't understand what was going on but then my eyes started to droop. I took one last look at the baby in my arms, and fell into the darkness with the warm bundle sleeping gently in my arms that was all that mattered.

Authors Note: This is the start of my new story "Open Arms" I just wanted to let you know that this is only the prologe. I don't like to make them long :) Anyways No the person did not die, you'll find out what happened. Next chapter is coming up. This sory is also on Wattpad- so if you see it don't worry it's not stolen :)