Roll over

Can't sleep

Roll again

Can't sleep


At the

Dark ceiling

Still can't sleep

Count sheep

Empty mind

Bury face in pillow

Can't sleep

I stretch across

My empty bed

All I can think of

All I want

Is when

You lay beside me

Your strong arms around me

Holding me close

To your beating heart

You warmth warding away chills

You voice warding away

Dark thoughts

All I can think of

Is the night that you

Biked five miles

Through the midnight streets

Came to my window

Knocked until I

Dropped the shard

And let you in

How you layed me down

And settled next to me

Pulled me close

Saved my life

I remember now

How you

Smelled of fear

Fear that you would be

Too late

But you were

Right on time

I miss you now

Miss your warm weight

Your comforting arms

And strong words

When you layed with me

You stayed

Until my dark musings

And hot tears


You stayed with me

In my own bed

Until I


You were there

When I woke

Reasurring me

That it was not a dream


As I struggle

To drift off

Into the place of peacful slumber

I long

I beg cruel loneliness

To have you beside me

To hold me until I sleep

To be there when I wake

I roll over yet again

Snuggle in and hope that one day

You will be here again