Two little kids in my backyard,

they settled on the grass,

a chubby boy, a freckled girl,

my visions from the past.


"My mom" yelled out the chubby boy,

"is better than the rest!"

"For she can buy me lots of toys,

and 'gift' me happiness."


"Oh shoo!" bawled the freckled girl,

"your mom may be all that.."

"But can she cook you dainty food,

like my 'amazing' mom?"


Then looking down persistently,

I figured out myself;

My mom is best for everything,

not only for foods and wealth.


If I were young,

she'd sing to me,

her beautiful lullabies,

and her smooth, slick, colorful voice,

would reach, a thousand melodies.


If I were down,

she'd offer me,

a caress and a hug,

she'd let me tell her everything

and we would never part.


If I were happy,

then of course,

she'd feel fantastic too.

She'd understand my every thought,

she'd always know the truth.


My mother is worth a million stars

My mother owns the sky.

My mother is my shining sun,

that rises up, so high.


My mother is worth all the love,

And I shall feel much pride,

to have a mother just like her,

follow me by the side.