"Four Times"

The first time it happened

the time stood up still.

His body a maze, she'd bare and unveil.

His eyes she'd observe, a mystery by far.

May that be the first time that she fell apart.


The second time it happened,

her heart skipped a beat.

Her fear now takes over, her eyes are the lead.

She hides tolerance in the wisest disguise.

May that be the second time she pictured lies.


The third time it happened,

her breath was relief

for she was just swimming through the lake of 'belief'.

He came and he went. No smell, Not a voice

May that be the third time she had no choice.


The fourth time it happened,

oh! It was the worst.

She could explain little and he was a fractious ghost.

His shadow so 'bright' in the shining sun.

May that be the fourth she'd unwillingly run.