Lexi Stays Brave

Cole heaved a sigh and stood up straight. "Alright I'm ready for the insults, the tears, and the angry mob you'll bring after me once you tell everyone." he held out his arms waiting for her to run off.

She didn't answer, though she was shocked that he would think she would do that, but she just stood there and stared at him.

"Are you okay?" he waved a hand in front of her face.

She stepped forward carefully and reached out a hand. He flinched when he saw her raise her hand and closed his eyes. She ran a finger over his chin and then thread his hair between her fingers. She stared intently at him, as if his eyes would give the answer to what she was asking in her head. His skin tingled where she touched him and he loved the feeling of her fingers in his hair.

"I won't tell anyone." she whispered pulling her hand away.

"What? Wh-why not?" he asked. That confused him, when all the other girls he'd met before saw he was a werewolf they'd run away screaming and tell their friends.

"Because I wouldn't do that to you." she told him.

"But, I'm a…and your…and…what?" he stuttered.

Lexi chuckled. "I won't tell anyone unless you want me too."

Cole studied her. Her light brown hair was down and the moonlight shown on it, making it look even lighter. Her eyes were brown and sparkled with a hint of excitement and curiosity. He searched for a sign of her lying but found only signs of truth and sincerity. "Thank you." he whispered.

She nodded and smiled. He loved the way she smiled, it was perfect, and the moon made it even brighter.

"You're different." he stated.

"What do you mean?" she questioned smiling lightly.

"I mean, out of all the girls I've met, you're the first one to stay and not tell anyone." he explained.

She smiled a bit and looked down.

"You're different in everyway possible." he told her.

"What did the other ones do?"

"Ran off and told their friends, and I would end up needing to leave town." he shrugged.

"Oh." she said quietly as she walked over a tree and leaned her back against it.

"Now I don't have to leave." he realized. He followed her to the tree and leaned his forearm against the trunk, his head hovering just above hers. "I'm glad. I like it here."

"Why? Nothing really interesting happens here and you don't meet a lot of new people." she listed.

"I know all the people I want to know." he whispered.

She watched him as he spoke, the fangs would appear now and then and chills would run down her spine. She saw the moon behind him and stared at it.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

"The moon. It's beautiful."

"Yes it is." he agreed not taking his gaze off her.

She looked up at him to find him staring at her. She chuckled nervously and looked into his eyes again. He slowly reached his hands up and put them on the sides of her neck, he pulled her closer to him and she leaned into his hands. He stopped when their lips were a centimeter away and licked his lips. She closed her eyes as he launched forward and caught his lips with hers in a passionate kiss. She put her left hand on the nape of his neck and pulled him closer to her. When they pulled away her head was spinning from the intensity. He smiled, as did she and kissed her forehead.

"It's getting late." he whispered.

"Yeah, I should get home before grandma calls the police." she replied.

"Alright." he smiled and let her go as she walked off.

She stopped at the edge of the wood and turned back to him. "Uh…Cole?"

"Yes?" he asked perking up.

"Um…what are we…now?" she said nervously.

"Whatever you want us to be." he stated.

"Well, I would like us to be-"

"Me too." he agreed.

"Okay," she smiled. "See you at school."

"Alright." he replied as she walked away.

Lexi came to the edge of the woods and heard a howl in the distance. Something about that howl told her it was Cole. She smiled as she walked down the hill. She entered her grandmother's bookstore and found Couri and Jessica sitting on two green leather armchairs.

"Where have you been?" the red head demanded.

"Out." Lexi replied hurrying to the stairs.

"Out with Cole?" they asked simultaneously.


"Oh my gosh! Where?" Jessica squealed.

"No where." she insisted.

"Yeah, right." Jessica rolled her eyes.

"Was it a date?" Couri asked.

"No…but we did kiss."

"Alexis Annabelle Monroe!" Jessica exclaimed. She grabbed her wrist and pulled her up the stairs to her room. She sat her on her bed and sat across from her while Couri sat in the green beanbag chair in the corner. "Tell all!" Jessica squealed leaning forward in anticipation.

"There's nothing to tell. I saw him in the woods, we kissed, and now we're sort of dating." Lexi shrugged.

"Woah, dating?" Couri stopped her holding up her hands. "Did you tell Nick yet?"

"No, wh-"

"Don't." Couri and Jessica advised.

"Why not?"

"Nick hates Cole!" Couri exclaimed.

"So?" Lexi shrugged.

"So? So? So?" Jessica screamed getting louder with each word.

"Jess! Chill!" Couri scolded and turned back to Lexi. "Nick already hates him with a burning passion. If he finds out you're dating him he'll flip out!"

"Well I don't care." Lexi stated. "If Nick can't handle it. Tough."

"Daring, I'm rubbing off on you." Couri smiled.

"Besides that," Jessica rolled her eyes. "Think about it before you get into this. We're with you one hundred percent whatever you choose."

Couri nodded in agreement.

"I choose Cole." Lexi whispered.

"Aw! Our little Lexi's in love!" Jessica giggled and hugged her, Couri joining in seconds later.

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