Wolf Girl

My name is May,

and I have seen a wolf.

It was late afternoon.

I had just got home from school.

I was unpacking my school bag,

when I glanced out the window.

I saw the ferns outside rustle.

I saw a grey blur across the yard.

Than 2 more emerged.


"Mama!" I shouted,

"there are wolves outside!"

She came running quick

to see the last one disappear

into the forest.

She gasped

and called the police

reporting a pack of wolves.

But when they arrived,

the wolves were gone.

They left no trace

except for our trampled ferns.

The next day, it was all over the news.

We don't get much wolves around here.

The headlines called me the Wolf Girl.

It died down weeks later.

I didn't think much of it,

well, until today.

I am walking to the bus stop

when the undergrowth next to me rustles.

A grey wolf slides out into the morning fog and mist.

I freeze, and look down,

for I knew that looking

into its eyes is a sign of aggression.

"Please go away," I thought to myself.

Then, two more pad onto the street.

The three seem to be...waiting for something.

Then, she steps out

into the mist.

She has long, dark hair

that falls to her shoulders.

She has a silver circlet on her head.

The girl looks at me,

her eyes empty and emotionless.

Without a word,

she turns and vanishes into the woods.

The wolves follow her.

All is silent.

She, not I, is the Wolf Girl.