(Author's note: I cannot stand it when 9-12 grade teachers mandate what organizational system or note taking system or binder or notebook their students use. That's what you do in middle school. In high school, it's time to sink or swim. ~not Ross)

Required High School Supplies 1980



Something to keep stuff in

***Note: remember, school is about learning. So long as you do whatever you need to do and use whatever tools you need to use in order to learn to the best of your ability, it will never much matter if you have "the right stuff."

Required High School Supplies 2012

2.5 purple binders – make sure they're STAPLES brand only

186 Elmer's glue-sticks

4 Avery binder dividers that only have yellow tabs

13 silver Papermate mechanical pencils with o.4 mm lead

6 black Papermate gel pens with 0.38 mm line width

2 clear blue plastic hand-held OfficeMax pencil sharpeners

8 Mead 3-subject notebooks – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black

***Note: remember, school is about following the teacher's every instruction to the T. So long as you have just the right supplies, it will never much matter if you learn anything or not.