Dream: Something I wrote for English class and think should be something people need to think about.


You laugh, you sneer, you taunt,
You push, you hurt, you daunt,
and most of all, you vaunt,
and not to mention flaunt.

What have I done to you,
to make you push me down?
Did someone push you around?
Who, tell me, who?

All I know is now I'm aware,
of every flaw I have.
I wish this was a nightmare.
And now I know I have
a reason to end it all,
before I hear you drawl.

I'm now afraid of going back
to school every day.
Afraid that I will soon crack,
because of the cruel words you say.

I finally snap,
when you call me fat,
and ugly.
I felt so empty, god, so empty,
And I decide, weakly,
To end it all that night.

I go into the kitchen;
I grab the pills.
I pour a handful in my palm,
and, as I face a handful of them,
I feel so utterly calm.

To end all this pain,
all these taunts,
to gain
a paradise,
free of flaunts.
All I need to do,
is take them all.

So I take them all,
swallow them whole,
with some water, and now...
And now I wait.

Tick, tock, goes the clock.
I wait.
Tick, tock, tick, tock...

And now I'm gone.
And it's all your fault.