Scared And Coping: Kaylee's Life

Summary: Kaylee, a 14 year old girl, stays with her English teacher to help him pack for the summer, but instead finds herself getting raped by him and later on pregnant with his child. How will she deal with this? And how does Levy, her crush, make her feel better again?


He got off of me and laughed as he looked down at me.

"Don't look so horrified, Kaylee," he said, a smirk on his face. "I know you enjoyed it too so stop acting as if you didn't."

He put on his pants and handed me my clothes.

"Put it on, girl. I want to go home and I'm sure you do too."

My hands shook as I put on my clothes.

He, my teacher, took my virginity and my innocence away.

I felt disgusted as I watched him looking at me with a lustful look.

When my English teacher had asked me to help him pack up I hadn't expected this. Sure, he had always been nicer to me than everyone else, but I only thought that it was because I was his star student.

"Listen to me now, Kaylee," he said, his voice serious, it sent shivers down my back, the bad kind. "Next year you will be in high school and I won't see you any more, but that doesn't mean I don't have eyes and ears everywhere. If you're not pregnant by autumn I'll know and come back and make sure you do. You will not tell anybodythat I got you pregnant and when you give birth you will give me the child, understand?"

I nodded quickly, not wanting to make him angry.

"Good, now come here," he said and took me in his arms, giving me a hug.

I stood stiffly inside his arms but it didn't seem as he noticed.

He left me go and I made sure to put as much distance between him and me as I could.

I never ever expected that and I would never guess what would happen next in my life.


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