"If anyone hears of Reed's whereabouts, we will keep each other informed," said Hazen.

The group of seven were ready to set out. They had all returned to Ralston to regather supplies for the long journey ahead. Fargo, Lux, and Cas gave them all that they needed. Hazen was not sure where they were going to begin, but returning Kyle to Midas and searching there was a great start. From there, Henry, Wart, and Hazen would all begin the hunt.

Cam, Zeke, and Rylan agreed to go down a separate path. They all knew where Reed would be. But, Cam suggested they start in a different place. A place where they could find out all they could about Antumbras.

However, Cam was not able to recommend the plan via their minds. In his head trauma, Cam lost his ability to read thoughts and speak through the mind. He could not teleport, nor could he conjure up Umbras, even if he wished to. He lost all his psychic powers due to Mac's precise hit in the head. And for once, Cam felt normal.

"We will. Good luck to you guys," said Rylan, smiling at her brother.

Hazen hugged her and watched as Kyle hugged her as well. Then, the four headed out of the city. Rylan sighed as she turned to Cam to get her pack.

Zeke walked with Cas to a little pond across from the house. Cas started throwing pebbles into the pond as she spoke to Zeke. Zeke was seated at the edge of the pond, listening intently. Cas said something and turned her head to see Zeke's expression. He did not say anything in response, so Cas nodded, continuing to toss the stones. She threw in the last one with anger and she walked away from Zeke.

He returned to Cam and Rylan, not speaking to either of them. Cam handed him his heavy pack, which he slung over his back.

"And we're off."

Rylan started walking backwards, waving goodbye to Lux, Fargo, and Cas. They all waved back with the same enthusiasm. The three of them knew that Rylan, Zeke, and Cam were going to find Reed. The group had enough talent and intelligence to know where to look.

"So, where are we going?"

"My school," Zeke answered.


"Where else are we going to learn about Umbras?"

Cam peeked over at Zeke and Rylan. He whispered, "We should also find the lab where I was created. If anyone will know anything about Umbras, it will be those guys."

Zeke nodded in agreement. The two boys turned to Rylan. "Anywhere you would like to go, your Knightship?"

"The sooner we get to Holden, the better."

Zeke grinned as whistled the same tune Asha used to hum. He suddenly stopped whistling as he, Cam, and Rylan recognized the song. Zeke and Cam stopped abruptly and changed their heading. Rylan laughed as she followed slowly behind them.

Rylan held her bow firmly in her hand as she stared up at the large marble building. The arches were beautifully carved, almost identical to the ones she found in a cave, what seemed, ages ago. There was a green garden leading up the entrance. Pretty red and purple flowers all planted in a sequence. There were four statues at doors. Each had a symbol and underneath was the language Rylan could not read. But below that was a translation. The symbol for Knight of Dark was a black circle, something Rylan already knew from her bracelet.

Zeke tucked on her left sleeve, covering the bracelet. Zeke's bleach blonde hair had grown a lot since she first met him. His fohawk no longer was his choice of style. He instead let his hair fall into his face. In his rages, his hair would stand on end and would look like actual flames moving in the wind. He was still a large guy, muscles bulging from his vest. He was still sarcastic and snippy on some days, but overall, he was much better.

"Remember, you are not the Knight of Dark."

"I am Knight of Dusk," finished Rylan.

She smiled at Zeke. He returned to gesture, realizing that Rylan did know what she was doing. Her bracelet whispered "Pratum," the word for Protector. She recalled that from Zeke's teachings.

Rylan felt completely different from when she first dashed from the destroyed Indigo. Almost eight months she left her home. Her hair had grown significantly as well, reaching past Brielle's hair length. Rylan had grown tougher, stronger arms and legs to carry her out longer. She was a warrior and fought as one too. She never imagined having changed as much as she did. But after becoming a Knight of the New Era, she knew what was in store required a different set of talents.

"Does he think you are that unintelligent?" Asha's voice slithered into Rylan's ear.

"He knows I'm smart. He just doesn't think I listen," replied Rylan, smirking at Zeke.

Zeke rolled his eyes and walked up the marble steps to the entrance of the school. Asha moved herself to rest on her knees as she cuffed her hands around her mouth.

"We all know he stupid," shouted Asha from Rylan's shoulder.

Cam laughed a little as Zeke clenched his fists. Cam was not much different from the day they met in Bucolic. Cam's hair had grown out, reaching past his shoulders now. His black eyes still were jet black with seemingly no emotion. Cam seemed exactly the same. The loss of his powers made there seem like a certain element of his personality was missing. But Cam didn't let the change affect him that much.

"I already apologized for that!" he yelled.

Rylan shook her head as Zeke pulled the door open and stormed inside of the school. Cam held his arm out for Asha to join him. She flew over to him, her light shining brightly. Cam opened the door and held it for Rylan as she stepped foot into the school that was established to protect her. This was the first step into saving Reed. Not only his body, but his soul intact.