On a small island a big old pirate ship landed. The villagers were frightened. Pirates were foul beings. They killed, feast on women, took everything, and acted like they owned everything. The captain of the pirates grinned when he saw the tiny village that resided on the island. It was peaceful, too peaceful for his liking. With one simply hand gesture his 'mates' attacked. He watched as the men of the village tried to protect the village the women and children of the village ran away hiding in the forest hoping that they might be safe there. A pitiful sight... Not for him though. He was known for colonizing towns killing all who stood in his way. He grinned some more when he saw the village's so-called protection fell apart. The men were dead. Next were the children and women. He wanted the mayor's gold, money and daughter, a feisty lass. He trusted his second in command to bring him that girl and the treasures. He'd be tons richer. The mayor was then a well-known pirate. The village was known for its hearty welcomes for the visitors. It was a petty thing for him to know the name of the island and village. He smirked more when he saw the village on fire. The flames danced. Some of his men were returning with food, precious items and roughly carried several girls who struggled and shouted insults. They threw them to the deck near their captain's feet. He pulled on the girls' hair to see their faces. None. He whisked his hand. His crew cheered and took the ladies to their beds some drank some took them right there. He's growing very impatient. Very. The mayor was at his feet, struggling from the ropes that held him. Shouting curses at him. He grinned kicked the man's torso continuously. The mayor was in pain he coughed out blood. "Heh, the once great pirate is now under my feet. Pitiful indeed." And kicked him hard enough to hear bones crack. The mayor is wheezing his ribs were broken and pierced his lungs. It's hard for him to breathe. He'll die in a couple of minutes...


She was running at her top speed. He was gaining. He was near. She pushed her legs more. She was panting. The villagers let her escape. Sacrificing themselves just for her to run for it. It broke her heart. She hated it. Just because she was the mayor's daughter they didn't have to risk their lives just because of her. They died. She shook her thoughts a side she was running to the southern port of the island a boat waited for her. She saw the clearing. But, another pirate ship laid there. She sped up due to the slope she couldn't stop. Not now. She braced herself to slam unto the bow of the ship. Thump. Raised her head and looked at what she bumped into. It was a man! Even worse a pirate! They were on the ground. He looked down. "Dammit! Look where you're running at, woman!" she winced and backed away slowly. But, the man pulled her and wrapped an arm around her she squirmed but his arm tightened more. "L-let go of me!" she barked at the man. What is he doing?

"She's our prey." The dirty pirate man shouted while pointing a gun at the man who held the girl.

The man grinned. "Prey? You must be the Hounds. Ruthless morons who attack every town and village they see. "

"I guess we're popular. Heh. Now let 'er go so that I can spare ya'." The dirty one gave him a toothy grin with his yellow teeth still pointing the gun at the man's head.

"If I say no, what will you do?"

"Kill you then take the girl."

The girl looked up once more to her captor's face. He was... handsome... No no no wrong thoughts. she saw him smile moved his free hand fast and swift.

Three daggers hit the dirty pirate's throat, chest and hand. The pirate collapsed and red liquid slowly pooled under him.

"Are you hurt?" she stared. "Woman answer me!" he shook her and snapped her out of her thoughts.

"I-I'm fine.. But the village!" she stood up and looked at the village's direction saw smoke and saw the man lying motionless on the ground. She gasped and covered her mouth.

"Stay inside the boat. Alfred will lead yo-"

"No! I will not continue to be useless! I-I need to save them!"

"Silly woman. You can't. you're too weak." His lips curved. That word. She was about to slap him but he was faster he caught her hand. He was about to say something but was interrupted..

"Ne, shouldn't you be with Claus and the others? I'll handle her from here." Another man appeared.

"Another life time. Where's Alfred?"

"Don't be stingy, I'll take good care of her." He smiled.

"You go on to the village. The Hounds are there. Help whoever's still breathing."

The girl was confused. Just who were they? Why were they helping? Aren't pirates supposed to be evil? the other man frowned. "Fine." And he jogged to the village's direction.

"Why?..." The girl asked.

"Captain will explain." The man carried the girl on one shoulder.

"I-I can walk!"

"Doesn't matter. Now stop wriggling or else I'll throw you into the sea." And he started walking to the ship. She immediately stops moving.

...On the Ship…

"Captain! Lil' princess is here." He shouted.

"Alice Fenrir Vandyne."

The girl raised an eyebrow. "You know who I am?"

"I'm your dad's apprentice! Arthur!" the captain smiled ear to ear.

"Doesn't ring a bell." The girl stubbornly replied crossing her arms.

He chuckled. "Of course you wouldn't know me! You weren't born yet then… But anyway, yer dad sent a pigeon carrying a letter that said you'll need to be saved. Luckily we were near, came here at top speed yah know." He smiled once again.

"I do not care about that. I want to save my father and the villagers from those ugly muts!"

"We're doing the best we can. They came here earlier than us. I'm not sure if we can save them all." He gave a pained expression. 'Or anyone at all' He thought.

The girl clutched her sides digging her nails into her pale skin. "Impossible…"

"I sent my men after 'em. Are you sure you want to go in yer village again?" he looked at her straight in the eyes.

She just nodded, eyes slightly watery biting her bottom lip.

"Okay, Eddy! Let's go to Kirche!" Captain Arthur hollered at the man who saved the Alice.

"I swear. If you just weren't the captain I could've-argh! Do not call me that again!" 'Eddy' growled.

"What? Eddy? I think it's better that Edgar anyway." Arthur shrugged while walking away from the boat.

Edgar let out another growl and carried Alice on one shoulder again.

"I told you I can walk!" she began wriggling again.

"It's faster this way! Woman! Stop acting like a kid!"

She frowned and let out a small unlady-like grunt.

...Kirche northern port area…

"Man, I thought they were good." A blond man whined while wiping blood from his swords.

"Ne, Claus. Do you think there are any survivors?" A brunette asked.

"Sadly, no we came a little too late." Claus replied while walking to the Hounds ship they sounded merry.

"It's gonna be tough for her."

"You've meet the girl?"

"Yeah! She was adorable! But, Edgar didn't want me to come near her."

"It's good he didn't."

The brunette frowned. "Why are you all so mean to meeee?" he whined.

"Because, even if you deny it. You are a full-fledged pervert." A red-head explained bluntly.

"I am NOT!"

"Shut up." Claus gestured to the dirty pirate ship.


They were greeted by the scent of blood. Bodies of the villagers were all around. Dead. All of her they were dead. The girl fought her tears and starts to bite her lip more her vision slightly blurry because of her tears. She shook them away furiously. Both men understood her. Losing everyone is tragic, depressing and scarring. They were near the northern port. The flames were dancing all around her village. Where she grew up and lived all 17 years of her life. Now the village she loved is burning right in front of her eyes. All the villagers lay dead on the ground. Blood pooled everywhere it mixed. 'Eddy' walked faster as well as Captain Arthur. They were near the northern port. Where the loathsome leader of the Hounds stayed. Wails were heard.

...Hounds' Ship…

"Piece of shit! How dare you disturb the celebration!" A pirate cursed.

"Look now. Killing, stealing and having forced intercourse is not a celebration." Claus sternly replied while unsheathing both of his swords.

"Meh, doesn't matter what the women want." He smirked. "Captain! Got intruders lurkin' 'round!" he hollered. Soon more men piled up to protect their captain and started attacking the 3 men.

"It's futile." Claus dashed towards the group while Alfred shot the weapons out of their hands. The red-head knocked them unconscious quickly using the end of his gun.

"I see you've started." Arthur said with a smile. Followed by 'Eddy' and Alice on his shoulder frowning.

"Took you long enough.." The red-head muttered while tying the men with ropes and chains.

"As expected from the 4th most wanted pirates, just 3 men of yer crew took all my men out." The Hounds' captain smirked. The place where he stood was filled with the blood of the villagers that they took. The others braced themselves for what the other captain had in store for them.

They glanced at each other and Edgar whisked his had to throw a small knife. The captain dodged but Arthur was at his back pointing a gun behind his head. The captain laughed. "As expected…from the protégée of former pirate Vandyne. Right?"

"Correct. Now where is he?"

"I assume that lady there is his daughter, no?"

"Answer my damn question."

"Perhaps dead.."

"Claus, Charles, and Alfred search the place." They nodded in unison and went to search. "Eddy, let Alice down and tie this jerk." Edgar did what he was told. Alice stayed where she was left by Edgar.

"Captain! Mr Vandyne's here!" Alfred shouted. When Alice heard her father's name she ran quickly where Alfred stood. Her father lay bloodied on the deck with multiple stabs he still was breathing. She immediately crouched beside her father and held his hand tears were streaming on her cheeks.


He let out a small chuckle. "I guess I was rusty as you said I am…"


"Shh, let me speak… dear… I don't have much time…" he gave a faint smile.

"D-don't talk like that… Dad… you still can…" she gripped his hand tighter as her tears fell more.

"I…called for Arthur because… I know he'll keep you safe…" he touched her cheek. "Now, dear.. You can trust him… okay? Take all your… belongings and prepare for an adventure…. It'll… be fun… Just…remember..to..take.. care…take my weapons..and..everything….have fun…" his breathing became more unstable and smiled once more.

"Arthur…you..make..sure to take care..of my princess…." He tried to glance where Arthur was.

"I promise… Old man. Now rest. "

"Heh…Good bye.." He closed his eyes. His breathing didn't continue. His daughter cried while clutching his hands. His old student shed a tear. His crew paid respect and kept quiet.

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