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POV: Alice Vandyne

"You, c'mere." Atreo points at me.

In return I quirked an eyebrow. "What?"

"Bring me food… No scratch that SERVE me food." He ordered me.

"You have arms and legs go do it yourself or I'll chop 'em off."

"Pfft, I bet you don't have it in you." He smirked. I do not know how this guy made me hate him in a matter of minutes. He just joined yesterday and he's acting like such an ASS!

"Go fetch your food in the kitchen. Alfred made casseroles earlier." I said continuing to mop the deck. Hell, staying with a bunch of men isn't easy.

"Useless woman." Oh, goddess. He calls me useless? I cook their food! 6 meals a day! Yes, six meals a day. Technically I help cook. I clean everything, every room not to mention saw horrible stuff. It was a good thing I wasn't assigned to clean their laundry. I am not a slave!

"At least I'm not married to a gun." I mumbled. I glanced at him. It's a good thing I wasn't heard.

"Rumpelstiltskin!" Arthur shouted from above the deck. Atreo looked up lazily.

"Which island do you wanna go to?" Arthur grinned.

"Any island that we crash into with that one on the wheel." He pointed at Edgar who twitched in most utter annoyance.

"Hey, he's the best navigator so don't go insulting him." Arthur said holding back a laugh.

Shrugging I made my way towards Claus who was sharpening his sword and sat next to him placing the mop leaning on the wall.

"Do you hate the new guy?" I asked him with a sigh.

"Not really. I just see him as an egoistic and sarcastic person." He said without pausing. I stared at him in confusion. Does he really hate the guy? I'm lost.

"Anyway, tell Alfred to stop cooking curry. Tell him to lay off with the spicy food." Claus said sheathing his sword up and threw the wheatstone inside a hollow barrel.

I smiled and nodded and headed to the kitchen only to hear Edgar shout where we were headed to next. We don't really have a definite route or anything Arthur told me it was only for the sake of fun and adventure. I'm not certain how he became a successful pirate actually. Have you wondered too?

Time Skip!

Edgar stopped the ship on an island named Isla de los Monstruos which is Spanish for island of monsters. They should've named it something else. Talk about lame. We've been wondering around this freakin' forest for a while now. And I mean for a while is hours. Yes I'm whining 'cause we have been here for hours because our very very smart captain has no sense of direction. None.

"Just where is that stupid town?" Edgar shouted while recklessly swinging his machete having Charles ducking in every swing.

"You should" swing "have brought" swing "a map" swing "with you."

"I thought our certainly amazing captain here knows where we're headed. Turns out he forgot."

Arthur was about to defend himself only to be cut off by Atreo.

"He doesn't seem to be someone to be trusted with these kinds of stuff." Atreo said while puffing out smoke from his lips. I frowned and tried to ignore the annoying smell and carried on. He seemed to notice I was ignoring him and he blew smoke from his mouth to my face. THAT WAS IT. I growled and tried to grab the Smoking Pipe from him only to dodge it quickly by an inch.

His lips suddenly curved. "What too short?" I bit my bottom lip in irritation and I felt my eyebrows meet. "Stop smoking." He huffed some more from the pipe and blew it on my face again. I glared at him and tried to grab the pipe once more yet I failed again only to crash into him and we fell into a very unappealing position I was on top of him and had my legs and arms trapping him, he smirked. "I didn't know you were that deprived." I felt blood rush into my face. I grabbed the smoking pipe stood up and stomped on the pipe several times.

"Damn it! That was from a rich mayor!"

"I don't care."


We finally made it! After circling around that damned forest. We arrived in a surprisingly large town named Saiter I heard from Claus that the name came from a deity of some sort. The place was real busy people wearing heavy looking armor and fascinatingly large weapons. Where in the world did Edgar bring us?

As if seeing me panic Edgar tapped me on the back and gestured me to follow him and the others who were climbing up the stairs leading towards a LARGE Inn. I followed them while looking around the people wore clothes from different countries. It was weirdly cute.

Saiter Bath House

I was enjoying my bath and someone opened the door I didn't bother looking 'cause this was the female side of the bath I was interrupted by a wolf-whistle most likely from a guy I immediately covered myself dunked in the spring deeper and whipped my head at the direction where the whistle came from. It was a man with brown hair and purple eyes and he seemed to be in his mid-twenties. I glared at him and scooted far away some more.

"Easy there. I didn't know there were still ladies staying." He chuckled.

"Go away." I tried to cover myself more while failing not to turn red.

He raised his arms up in a surrendering position. "Look before you scream or kick me where the sun doesn't shine. This is a mixed bath. All baths here are mixed. I swear I won't do anything continue your business there, lady." He said walking to a corner of the bath. No one told me this was a mixed bath. No one!

I went to the side of the bath that had stones cover me. I let out a relieved sigh and continued to scrub my arms. After a while I heard shouting, I peeked to see what it was and I saw several buckets… fly.

I saw Atreo verbally fighting with the guy earlier I wonder if they knew each other… I quickly wrapped myself up and tried to sneak out of the bath but I was hit by a bar of soap…

"Fuck! What the hell?" I glared at the direction where the soap was thrown.

"What in the world are you doing here?" Atreo shouted.

"I was taking a bath." I gritted my teeth as I replied.

The other man pulled his head and forcibly dunked his head underwater Atreo was flailing the man pointed at the door and smiled at me I awkwardly nodded and ran out holding my towel into place.

People stared at me as I ran to my room. I opened the door quickly and shut it loudly I leaned on the door and tried to catch my breath I opened my eyes only to see a surprised Edward.

"What…?" was all he could ask me. Well of course you'll get several ideas when you see this, a girl who just came from the bath, who ran off and opened your door panting.

"Just…it's a long story. Don't bother asking." I said still catching my breath.

"Now…go out." I pointed at the door and went to my bag.

He did as I say. Well that was new. I shrugged it off and changed.

Next day!

I might die right now. No kidding. Wearing this stupid armor is just slowing me down! I dodged another tail whip of the stupid dragon. Yes. We're trying to take down a dragon, a purple one to be exact. It spits out poisonous gas-ish spit. I do not know what it is. That is probably the best way I can describe it. Arthur quickly reloads his gun and aims for its head. Charles was busy trying to slice its leg muscles. Atreo and Alfred are shooting its wings to immobilize it will having a mini contest of course boys will be boys. Edgar has been throwing several knives and daggers connected with flash bombs and well… bombs. I was assigned to cut its freakin' tail. It's hard really. I just wish it would stop moving for 5 minutes and I will be able to cut it off! Hey, I have experience with fighting just so you know. If you're wondering where Claus is he's on the main camp Atreo and Edgar said he wouldn't be any help at all. Atreo even said that "Monsters don't die getting poked." "Pffft- Yeah, Help. And your definition of help is poking a monster to death with that stick of yours?" I admit he was funny but it must have been hard for Claus. Not that I'm concerned.

I snapped out of my thoughts and ducked quickly have the tail almost hit me by an inch. The dragon roared as its eyes were hit by Arthur's bullets. It will be harder cutting the tail off now with it running around like a chicken. Wait… It does look like a mutated purple chicken a huge one too. I almost laughed at my thoughts. The purple chicken's spit gas was directed into me Alfred quickly and roughly grabbed me to crash into his form which is noted to be muscular and wrapped an arm around my waist I heard him grunt I looked up and saw him glare at me.

"It's moving to the next area!" Arthur shouted and the rest followed. I was left with Alfred. I gulped when he let go of me.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked in a calm tone.

I shook my head. "Nothing."

"You've been spacing out." He turned his back and walked casually to the next area I walked slowly behind him dragging the huge katana they gave me.

Main Camp

"Took y'all long 'nuff." Charles stood up from a log and greeted us.

Five horses were pulling on a large cart with the wyvern on it. Dead. I managed to cut the tail in ease although the last shot was fired by our captain which he will be boasting later on but I think Claus hit it first on the neck and Arthur missed.

I shrugged and sat on a comfy bed taking the armor off and sprawled on the bed. Hell, I'm wasted.

"Hey, we need to get going. The return trip to Saiter isn't easy." Charles peeked inside the tent.

I gave a muffled 'fine' as a reply. I was way too lazy to stand up. I didn't move and soon sleep consumed me.


Look at the idiot who fell asleep hugging every single pillow available. She really must be tired… great she removed her armor and now only wearing her undergarments… In realization I turned around and flushed red. Claus stared at me.

"Wrap her with the blanket and carry her on your shoulder." He's still as heartless as ever.

I went back to the tent only to see her being carried bridal style by Alfred and she was wrapped with his coat. I snorted and took her stuff. Triton, she's a heavy sleeper. He went out when I gathered her stuff. Is this dude having feelings for her?

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