Battle Field

This house is so explosive

Were all like dynamite

Just waiting to detonate

We all have such short fuses

And were screaming out our abuses.

You say you walk on egg shells?

Don't complain until you've taken

A tour of my hell.

Were all like TNT

Just waiting

Because we know the ending

And it's guaranteed to be messy.

There's no strategy to our places

It's just that every word we say is

Bound to blow up in our faces.

You say were disgraces?

Well what do you know?

Is your body filled with Nitro?

Then just shut up and go.

This place is a battle ground,

One more round,

We will bring it down.

Bombs are falling,

Missiles dropping

And no one is showing any signs of


It's not that were hating,

It's just our way of communicating

Leaves us scathing.

At least living in this war zone

I won't die alone,

Because this battlefield is my home.