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The story starts not at it's earliest point to the past events will be told as they are revealed to you the audience and then it goes on into the future events. It is also set in the victorian age so please understand why they don't refer to things that we know happen.

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The day after the EVENT…

Abel sighed deeply, being a child, no a young adult was a tasking thing… Christopher and Errol didn't help his case much either. Being the only servant in training under the Griffon Household was hard but dealing with the second son was harder in Abel's opinion, that and the odd guests that have now clung onto Abel's side. Abel didn't really look much like a young adult at all really, He was 16 years old and yet was such a tiny thing. Abel locked his bi-colored eyes on the lump in bed; he then turned and went to do some more tasks first. Abel tossed most of the clothing in a basket and then walked towards the wardrobe, hanging and organizing the clothes only took a matter of minutes. Turning away he looked into the mirror across the room. Looking at himself it almost felt as if he was the noble son… His skin was a deathly sickly white, extremely undersized, and his hair was an icy blue color. His eyes where two different colors, one was a bright neon yellow and the other a cold icy blue, his gaze was hard, cold, and calculating. It was his eyes that betrayed his true age and nature. He wore a light blue shirt with the sleeves elbow length right before they ended they puffed out slightly. He wore an open black and light yellow vest, the bottom part was black and towards the top was yellow were the color joined it looked as if there was a cathead on each side. He wore dark blue short and had three strange vials attached on strings to his waist. Each vial was a different color, they went ocean blue, canary yellow and rose pink.

He was dressed odd for a servant of the Griffon household, but odd was exactly what he was. His clothing were hand made for him by the griffon's family, he was the head servant to the second son, he seemed to have an air of mystery and darkness around him. Abel kneeled down and started to pick up the clothing spray carelessly across the floor, he looked towards the sleeping form of an elder teen on the plush silk-sheeted bed.

The male in the bed was Christopher Griffon, The second eldest son of the griffon household and Abel's master. He had light brownish red hair that was straight as an arrow; his face still contained some of the childish baby fat of youth. He had also yet to grow into a man, but unlike Abel who seemed trapped more like a child, Chris was showing signs of being caught in the middle, eighteen already in his somewhat graceful transformation from boy to adult. Chris had little of the acne that plagued his sisters and luckily didn't have to worry about the sudden growth of breast. He was showing signs of his father already, strong, tall, and stubborn to a key. Yet he still had the childish qualities Abel had long since discarded. Chris was a child in the heart and that would never change, so of course it fell to Abel to wake him up every morning.

"Chris, it's time to wake up already…" Abel declared being sure to open the large windows up to let the sun in. The older teen in the bed stirred and groaned loudly. Rubbing tired eyes Chris sat up. Looking over to the blue haired boy with a sigh Chris rolled half-heartedly back into the warmth of his bed.

"That talking two headed cat thing is back again…" Chris moaned. He really hated it when Abel brought those two along, it often meant that Abel was going to get him out of bed or that something bad had just happened and it was Chris's fault. He stared at the strange ghostly tail that wrapped around Abel's arm, the tail then branched up to two separate torsos with cat like heads and little paws, the creature was half yellow half blue, the colors mixing to a slight green where the upper bodies met. The yellow ones eyes were slanted and had a dangerous troublesome look in them with a large grin. While the blue one had shut eyes and a worried expression. They appeared solid in form but that was an illusion, the reality was that they were phantoms, spirit like beings.

"I think Chris is still tired Master Abel, after all that happened to his sister." The blue one declared.

"Psyche, It is almost noon. Chris is need in the main household already, accident or not." Abel stated coldly. The yellow cat giggled as he floated closer to Abel's head, in doing so he affectedly pulled Psyche along with him. "Errol, stop it!" Abel stated coldly. Errol purred and cuddled up to him still, a sure sigh he had wanted something from his master.

"Master can we later have the day off? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?" Errol giggled and Psyche cried out in fear. A day off for him meant doing everything Errol wanted, like explore a dark cave or play chess with the creepy old lady in the ally… Errol always loved what Psyche feared; frankly Psyche prayed that Abel would say no… The boy had found them in a magic bottle by mistake and sure he was slight cold and anti-social but he was a good child in Psyche's opinion. Psyche actually remembered all the years he was trapped in that bottle just wasting away in nothingness, it was so painful being squeezed in there, especially with Errol, the other head just loved to squirm around and jab Psyche quite a bit, it didn't help that they were stuck in some of the most potentate dark magic know to man. Then they were saved, Abel happened to find them the hot summer day in the bottom of the pond. If it weren't for him, their master, Psyche wouldn't know where he'd be.

"You can play in the gardens if you like Errol, just be careful After the last time cook almost caught you."

"We phantoms are powerful ancient being born from pure magic! Now big pudgy woman in a apron's going to catch us. Although she can run like a beast, her eyes were burning red and hair was flying in our last escape!" Errol declared loudly, he loved to exaggerate the story. Knowing Errol he could make it sound like he had battled a dragon out of a fight with a pillow case, and Abel knew Errol pretty well seeing as for the most part Errol and Psyche were glued to his arm literally.

"We know, Errol…" Abel said coldly as Errol flied around still dragging Psyche with him. Psyche seemed to be sobbing the entire time as he co-head did so. "Now Chris, get up." Abel ordered sternly as the older teen sighed.

"DO I have to? I am your master, last I checked and I don't want to…" Chris smirked as Abel's eyebrow twitched and his lips formed a thin line. It was rare to get any form of expression out of the smaller boy but when Chris did he enjoyed it to the fullest.

"Time to wake up Christopher." Abel sighed and then he yanked the blankets off the bed. Chris still tangled in them fell to the floor with a thud. Psyche signed and decided to stay out of this mess before they had a war on their paws.

Chris moaned as he dragged himself out of the sheets. His nightshirt was rumpled up and the buttons were wrong.

"Ohhh… Abel don't be so rough with me!" Chris yelled as he sat up. Abel rolled his eyes at him. Chris stood up quickly and wrapped his arms around Abel affectionately. He then reached down and started to shake Abel's hair, sticking it up at odd angles and making it appear as if he too had just woke up.

"Chris, that was the only way to wake you this morning… we go through this routine every morning and you should know by now that I will awake you three times every day, first at 6 am, second at 9 am and the final time will be 12 pm, and if by the final time you don't stay awake I force you up."

"Right… So is a bit of a smile or a good morning too much to ask for Abel? Come on we've been friends for years!" Chris moaned as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

"Have a pleasant afternoon in you studies Chris, today you have math, languge and dance." Abel said evenly, his face never faltering as he repeated the age-old routine. Even with Psyche and Errol's appearance and yesterday's event nothing had really ever changed. Every day had become clockwork.

"Seriously? Dance… I hate dance… what guy needs to waltz…" Chris complained as Abel carried over the tray of food. It was fresh fruits and a few slices of cheese bread. Abel stood up nearby, seemingly staring out the window.

"A guy who needs to be married to a powerful woman with money."

"Not me, brother's got the marry the old cows, I'm marring my true love someday…"
"Your father has already prepared your marriage arrangements last night Chris, I was told to alert you the first meeting shall be held tomorrow." Abel stated. Chris stared at Abel as if his friend had turned into a clown or a monkey as Errol sat drooling at Chris's food.

"How long have you know that?" Chris coked out painfully.

"About a year now, you are eighteen, it is expected that a noble such of your self should already have a fine fair woman sooner or later.

"Wa-What if I don't want one?"

Abel turned and looked Chris in the eyes. "It is not your choice, what is decided is decided."

"Then how about you? When do you plan on settling down?"

"I'm not noble, I'm your servant and as such I will never do so until you allow me," Abel paused and frowned. "That doesn't mean I can't have a bed partner if I ever wanted one though, and your marriage doesn't mean you cannot either. Last I checked your father has one right now…" Abel stated the fact as they where. He never sugar coated anything and as such was the most honest servant Chris ever had.

"Then have you ever had a kiss?"

Abel paused and frowned… "My mother…"

"No, a real kiss!" Chris shouted as Abel waved his hand. That was Abel's way of saying, 'elaborate please?' and Chris laughed at the gesture.
"Tongue in mouth, with a lover in the dark kind of kiss. Have you ever had one of those?"

"Then no, I haven't…" Abel replied coldly. He didn't even blink at the implications of Chris's words. Chris was the master and if he had some secret lover it was best to just remain secret. Abel just hoped Chris wouldn't be a fool and get attached to the female, then there would be two griffon boys who'd elope in the Griffon family. One was a dishonor; two was the work of the devil. The Griffon's only had three sons.

"Good, me neither." Chris laughed as Abel sighed.

"Then why ask the person younger then you?"

"I guess you'd have a bit of experience given how mature you act all the time."

"Acting mature and being intimate with a lover have nothing to do with each other!"

"Sure they do! You become an adult once you find love!"

Abel's response was his hand gesture, and Chris started to explain his crazy belief that was lost on all of them. Psyche watched as the two bickered and battered, he then turned to his other head. He then gasped in shock causing the two boy's to look at Errol. Seeing that the food was long since forgotten Errol had started to help himself and now had a comically large rounded belly. It was a bit above where the two of them were joined together and Psyche could already tell Errol was going to be sick from all that food. They were spirits and human food didn't ever sit nicely with their systems.

"Uh… Should he be eating that?" Chris asked as Abel rubbed his temples.

"No… Human food make's them sick…"

"Oh…So what happens?"

"He pukes up green ooze, cries all day and gets a fever… I need to go hide him in my room when he does this." Abel sighed as he picked up the spirits. "I'll be back in ten minutes, be ready and dressed, Lessons start right after your done." Carrying them in one arm he slammed the door shut as he left.

"Sheesh… Nothing's ever normal around here when those two tag along," Chris sighed. He then walked towards his window and stared out at the morning sun. "Marriage… dear lord I'm screwed…"

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