You and I

You and I, this is real.

You, your caring soul, truthful and thoughtful.

You, your stunning, beautiful inside and out.

You, your heart is made of glass, ready to shatter.

You, you stand by me, through thick and thin.

You, you have this smile, cute and adorable.

You, you laugh, melting away the worries.

You and I, this is true.

I, I admire you everyday, more beautiful than yesterday.

I, I feel your embrace, keeping me safe.

I, I have given you my heart, entirely to you, only for you.

I, I am grateful for each day we have together.

I, I have a happiness, never before imagined.

I, I love you, I always will, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

You and I, this is ours.

Till the end of our days.

You are mine.

I am yours.