Dream state.

dark all around me,
let the sleep take me down
into the land of dreams.
where the dark things lurk.
waiting for me.

with their haunting hazel-green eyes
and there sharp pains of memory.
there in this darkness, they wait for me.

my guard lowered
my armor gone soft.
my mind open
to the thoughts of my

in this land old thing become current
pain cannot touch me
for I feel nothing.
those memories so real and true.
Damn, I miss you.

safe in your arms.
warmth filling my cold body.
your heart, mending the rips in mine.
you love beating away the Empty.
your voice falling in my mind
"i love you, always"
"forever and always"
"only you, my sweet "

all fond memories gone down the drain,
with my heart.

waking up, remembering every shard of my heart
re breaking.
because of you.

scrub the tear stains.
flip the pillow over,
to the dry side.
try to breath normally.
go back to sleep
still 5 hours till morning.

back to the arms of my Demon.
here I m not meant to be.
fall back to the dark
and hear myself