Should I?... Can I?... Fall, for you

is that

you smiling?

i smiled

and tweeked

my cheek

in that way

that sends

others falling down

I'm so scared to talk it hurts

i thought i had this game

figured out in a way that

i!- was the only winner...

is that

you playing

hard to get-

or just my


playing games


ignore me

please...don't, it kills whith pain

i can't hear myself think

over the silence of you.

playing the same angle I do...

I don't want to i stll like you in some twisted

knowing way

like-you smile

MY heart melts

quit playing I'm so sick of

that game in which

I know I can not win

it's impossible to resign...

should I

play even harder?

or just

leave it alone

and hope

it goes away

but now

I'm strung

'round your finger, do you know it?

maybe there is a way for me to win

is there hope for me to succeed

I keep reminding myself not to fall

should I

can I ...

fall for you...