Café Jiin

*Chapter 1*

"Welcome to Café Jiin!~" sang the handsome waiter with a sweet smile. "What can I get you?"

His smile was captivating…teeth perfectly white, all in a straight little row.

"Just coffee, please..." the guy at the table glanced at the waiter's nametag, "Gavin."

"Ok, it'll be right out." Gavin told him, flashing another smile, and turned fluidly.

The boy watched Gavin with a curious smile, and then looked around.

This place hasn't changed a bit, he thought. Why did I even come here, after so many years?

"Ah, here you are," Gavin said, placing the mug down gently. "That'll be two dollars."

At that, the guy laughed, shaking his head. "You must be new here, huh?" He said, holding out his hand. "Keito Jiin, nice to meet you."

Gavin shook Keito's outstretched hand uncomfortably.

"Y-you're the owner?" Gavin exclaimed, his cheeks turning a light pink.

"Well, no...that'd be my father." Keito told him, sipping his coffee.

Gavin sighed with relief, "Oh…"

"When do you get out of here?" asked Keito, changing the subject.

"Five, why?" Gavin told him curiously, and Keito smiled and started to say something…

Suddenly a thin waitress called out to Gavin.

"Hey! We need you on table 5!" she ordered, and Gavin apologized and flew over to the other table.

Keito laughed softly to himself, drinking the last drop in his mug, and scribbled something down onto his napkin.

This guy's cute…he thought getting up, and placed the napkin on the table.

As Keito exited the café, Gavin looked up, went to his table, and read the note.

Hey…thanks for the laugh. Its been awhile. Let me bring you home later as thanks.


**End Chapter 1 **

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