Questions and Answers

"You cut your hair…" she whispers, taking a few locks into her small hand and fumbling them in between her pianist fingers. You sigh, leaning back into her. Knowing Kris, it was more of a question than a statement. But with how well she knows you, you figure she'll take your silence as an answer. What she really meant by it was 'I missed your long hair'

That's just how you two are. She can question without asking. You'll answer without speaking. And theres always something else in the words. A silent message between the two of you. Like a secret message passed between children, waiting to be decoded. It's a simple relationship yet so complex at the same time.

You run your fingers through the sand on a warm beach on long island. It's been unusually hot this April and sneaking into Robert Mosses before they open for the season is always a good time for you two. Kris has been away for a few months now since her parents divorced. It feels good to sit and reminisce again. The salty air reminds you of all the times you two came here at one in the morning last summer.

Kris shifts just ever so slightly behind you and you are vaguely aware of her arms encircling you, the soft material of her sweater coming to rest around your exposed navel. You're sitting in her open legs, leaning against her chest while she rests her chin on your shoulder. You can just barely feel her warm breath brushing against your right ear. You're not sitting correctly; your shirt has ridden up a bit past your stomach and you're pretty sure that if Kris wasn't holding you, you would have slid right off this sand dune an hour ago. But you're comfortable, and so is she, so that's all that matters. The moon is silently watching you both, a reminder that silly teenage girls belong in bed at this hour. The sun is going to rise soon, the faintest hints of pink visible at the edge of the distant Atlantic ocean. You feel like you've been in this moment before, resting against your best friend, waiting for the sun to greet you.

Kris leans in a bit and kisses your ear.

"Missed me?" she says, and you can practically hear the hopeful smile in her words. You smirk quietly to myself and nuzzle her lightly.

"Like how an ass misses a fart, hun," You reply, eyes closed in a moment of utter peace. She chuckles softly and huddles in just a fraction of an inch closer. A slight breeze rushes through for just a moment, a cool kiss against your exposed skin. Your quite sure your over-bearing father would have a word or two for you regarding your current attire. And you hate to admit it, but he may be right about a flimsey tank top and cut up skinny jeans not being appropriate April wear.

The minutes tick by slowly, but soon a mess of colors can be seen on the horizon. About a half an hour till sunrise. You and Kris sit in silence for what seems like an eternity, but its so peaceful and perfect that you cant bring yourself to break it.

"Your mom still cook that fancy pasta thing?" Kris questions out of the blue. Her words pull you out of your quickly drifting thoughts. You almost forgot what sound was like for a moment, it was so quiet.

"Ya. She made some last night." You reply, drawing a little circle in the sand next to your friend's leg. You swear you can feel her stomache grumbling against your back but you just smirk to yourself and say nothing else. You love her subtly ways of saying things. What shes really saying now is "I fully intend on eating any food in your fridge."

"Any leftovers?" She asks, removing her head from your sholder. You shift yourself up slightly, moving into a position that makes just sooo much more sense. Now your slightly hunched over with your legs crossed infront of you and your arms wrapped around hers. She leans forward, gently pressing her ear to your back in the general region of where your heart should be.

"Of course. She always makes to much, just in case you show up." You say with a smile. Mom still cooks for you, even though you've been gone for months. You feel her chuckle in your very spine and its so comforting. You feel so warm with her here.

"Mmm. Maybe I should go alleviate that problem then." Can I stay over till morning? The way she says 'Mmm' hums through you and you lean forward just a bit more, practically laying in your own lap now. Shes leaning against you, most of her small frame on top of your back. You both must look horribly uncomfortable, but this feels like the most natural pose in the world to you. You sigh quietly and close your eyes, just letting the feeling of her rush over you. The sun has finally made it over the horizon.

She leans up and you both silently agree its time to go home. You stand and wiggle gently, shaking sand off the seat of your pants as you do. But Kris stays there, looking up at you with her big brown eyes of never ending questions. You send her a curious look and she tugs at her lower lip with her teeth. You can see she's got a question on her mind. Sudenly her eyes light up and a mischievious grin graces her face.

"So my dad got this ugly dog the 2 weeks ago. It reminded me of you." she says with a chuckle. I thought about you. Did you think about me too? You cant keep the smile that plays at the corner of your mouth from growing into a chuckle, then a giggle, and before you know it you're in full blown laughter. And Kris is doubled over on the ground right there with you. You manage to choke out a reply between gasps.

"Ya? Well I saw this hobo peeing in the park. Yall could be twins!" Of course I did, dumbass.

The sun rises on the beach that morning watching over two silly little girls laughing in the sand.