I awoke much earlier than I wanted. It seems balance and stamina training is a wake up at the crack of dawn thing. I was woken by a tap on the door, but before I could even answer, someone walked right on in. I held back my annoyance and stood up. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell the difference between males and females yet. This particular being was slightly shorter than me with smaller features in the face. There was a slight smile touching the lips that gave a sense of friendliness.

"I was sent here to give you this," Ok, I'm convinced that this is a girl. She handed me the package, bowed, and left without another word. I took the package gingerly, I still hadn't quite mastered these claws, and opened it up.

There was a rather simple outfit inside, a thin top that barely reached my ribs, and something that I could only compare shorts to. The back had a low cut that tucked under my tails. Above them was a snug strap that held the 'shorts' up. I exited the room to see Lidano, who stood like a proud soldier. I nearly giggled at the seriousness of his face. I just don't understand him. He nodded in greeting and turned without a word. I was about to follow him when I heard a booming voice behind me, "At last Ashimi. I have waited to train you for a very long time."

I turned around and nearly fell back. In front of me was what I assumed a man who stood nearly twice my height. He was also larger in build. He had smaller eyes than me, but his nostrils were about the same size. His skin tone was a mixture of grey and olive to my eyes, and I mentally wondered what it looked like to everyony else. He placed an overly large hand on my shoulder and led me away. I was terrified. I didn't know this man and I certainly didn't want him leading me anywhere.

"So, I understand you have little knowledge about Muradis?" He asked as we walked down the steps to a double door. The room was lit with some strange light and oddly, I couldn't find the source.

"Yes," I answered as I looked around in awe. The walls were a mixture of red and flame orange. The ceiling was about the color of gold.

He let out a chuckle, "Well you'll learn soon enough. My name is Tronah by the way."

I offered a small smile, some of my shyness and anxiety had passed. He really seemed friendly, "Well, my name is Lydia, but people have been calling me-"

"Ashimi? Yes, that's the translation of Lydia in our realm."

Oh, well now that I understand that. We walked throught the doors and I literally gasped. It was like nothing Earth. The sky was a deep violet that pulsed a brilliant, sunset pink. To my left was an extraordinary sight. I assumed it was like the ocean, only the water was like glass that moved around. I could see everything inside! Even from this distance, I could point out the magnificent creatures that swam around like carefree children. To my right, was a small villiage. There were beings moving about with their busy lives. The houses were strange to me, they were round with oval doors with a cream and honey color. I wondered if that was what they saw.

A small chuckle brought me back to my senses, "I take it this is different than Morlanti?"

I nodded, "Very," We continued along until we reached the other side of the villiage. I was surprised that not many beings looked my way or even noticed me. I was almost relieved, I felt so out of place here. Now we were in an open area with some strange objects scattered around. The closest one was a large pole made out of what looked to me as salmon colored wood. At the top there was a long, thin rope that stretched back to the ground at an angle. I wasn't sure what I'm supposed to do here, but something tells me I won't like it.

"This is the simplest training tool we have. All you need to do is climb up that rope and make it to the top of the pole. At the top is a button that will release the latter at the sides of the pole so you can climb down. Alright, go on."

I nearly gaped at him. Does this guy have some mental disorder? I can't climb that thing!

Tronah laughed at the expression on my face, "It's much easier than it looks I promise. You have different feet than you're used to. Just trust your body. Learn to use your tails as well."

I took a deep breath and moved closer to the rope. Standing at the end, it appeared to be a mile long. My sinking feeling deepend as I stared up. I cautiously stepped onto it with my right foot and my toes automatically clung to it. Well now I know there's some security here, I took another step and now I was completely off the ground. My adrenaline was pumping from fright and I hadn't taken more than two steps yet. I focused on my tails, moving them out, feeling them move around on their own. It seems that my body knew things I didn't. Maybe Tronah wasn't crazy. I kept my eyes upward, not even daring to look down as I neared the top. This is surprisingly easy. I never really had a phobia of heights, but I still wasn't thrilled about being this high up without anything to secure me besides my feet.

Soon enough, I had reached the top without incident. I stepped on the button and climbed down the latter. I felt a sense of pride well up inside me. I never thought I would be able to do something like that before. I couldn't help but smile, no one back home would ever believe this! A sudden thought occured to me. Will I be going home? I didn't have much time to think about it when Tronah's overly large hand with overy large claws rested on my shoulder, "Impressive. That was record for first time. You are now my favorite student," he patted my back and chuckled as he led me to what I guessed was a track. The surface was smooth and glossy. I could already tell it was slippery even before I bent down to touch it.

"Alright, for this one, you have to run as fast as you can, for as long as you can, without falling. I will keep your time. Stand there please."

I stood on the track and felt like I was walking on ice with stilts. I noticed there were no sctratches and wondered why. When I asked Tronah chuckled again, "This is no ordinary material. In fact, we use the same material for armor, so don't worry."

I nodded and tried to find a stable way to stand before he signaled me to start. He shouted "Go" in his booming voice that would have done a better job than any blank gun in track. I pushed off, using my claws like figure skates, thanking everything in me that I had taken lessons. It wasn't as hard as it looked. I had made thirty laps before I grew tired and had to stop for a breath.

When I looked at Tronah, his small eyes were wide. He stood with his hands on his hips and his chest was out in pride, "That was amazing! The farthest any of my students have gone has been..." He thought for a minute, "I believe your word is fifteen. I can't believe this! And where did you learn that technique? No one has ever thought to use the surface to their advantage like that! I'll be sure to show my students as soon as I perfect it!"

A wide smile spread over my face. I actually showed them something no one has ever thought about before! Tronah was still going on about how easy this came to me long after I was done for the day. I had to admit, I was enjoying the praise. I was a little tired when he led me back to what I assumed was a palace, since they call Natri the Lady Ruler.

Lidano was waiting at the front door, still standing straight and proud. I actually laughed this time. I was in such a good mood and Tronah's easy laugh was contaigious.

Lidano gave me an odd look, "What's so funny?" Well at least he's not speaking formally.

I regained control of myself and shook me head, "It's just the way you stand all tall and proud like you have the most important job in the world."

The right side of his mouth pulled up a little, "That's because I do."

For some reason that sent chills down my spine, assuming this body had one. I don't know if the cause was what he said, or the way he said it. I knew he was supposed to keep an eye on me, but I wondered if there was something else said behind his words. What does he know that I don't?

"Well, I'll be off now, I look foreward to your training tomorrow. I just know this week will fly by," With one more nod, Tronah left.

"Week?" I thought out loud, I'll only be training for a week?

Lidano led me to the library, "You're exceeding beyond everyone else. You'll only need that much training," He explained as we walked through the doors into the odd room with the strange books. He pulled out a few and handed them to me without translating them. I frowned in confusion and opened one. Oh, It was like a textbook. It seems I'm going to have to learn their language. I shot Lidano a skeptical look thinking, Are you serious?

He allowed a small smile, "Not everyone here has studied your language. It would be a good for you to learn ours so there won't be any communication problems in the future."

I mentally sighed, and I thought I was getting out of studying by coming here. Again I wondered if I'd be returning home. I felt a small pang in my chest. Should I ask? I debated for a moment then decided not to. I'll ask them later if they don't tell me on their own.

I have to say, learning the language is not the same as balancing. This is hard and frustrating. It's so odd, back home I was one of the best students and could read a five hundred page book in less than a day. I never participated in any spots because of my lack of eye-hand coordination. Here it's completely backwards.

I asked Lidano about this before I returned to my room for the night. He had finally relaxed and stopped with that annoying back-breaking stance. He allowed a slight smile. I noticed that he does this whenever he's given an opportunity to explain something like this. I mentally noted to ask more often.

"Morlanti and Muradis are opposites. One is the flipside of the other. So naturally, you will be your opposite in this realm."

I nodded, I guess that makes sense, "Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow?" I ended with a question even though I was sure I would.

He nodded and left without another word. I didn't know what to think of this boy. He's so... odd. I brushed it off and crawled into the welcoming bed. Both my body and brain were so exhausted. I curled up and thought about how different this world is from home. Nothing is the same except the people. Granted, they look like aliens, but they all have human characteristics. This was too much thinking at the moment, so I just closed my eyes and drifted to a dreamless sleep.

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