A/N: I would like to start off by saying the beginning of chapter 1 was from an old story in my old account I shared with a friend. It was at least probably ten years ago... I fixed it up to make it sound better. Back then my writing skills were... uh... I wouldn't say horrifying but it needed to be edited more thoroughly lol. I also edited through this chapter. I've changed it a bit.


Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she watched her entire world slowly crumble away. The world she once lived was a mere illusion of what it used to be. There was only destruction that lay for miles. It had succeeded to bring the world to its knees.

Her legs gave out from under her as she fell to the ground crying loudly. She closed her eyes. Flashes of her friends' faces appeared in her mind as their laughter rang in her ears.

And the sudden deafening screams of agony and pain that preceded each of their laughter. She covered her ears and shook her head viciously.

All gone... because she failed to save them...

Her eyes flew open flinching as a shadow loomed over her. She looked up hopefully to see who it was thinking for a moment it was someone she knew, but it wasn't. His hood darkened over his face causing her to stare at him in bewilderment.

"Poor thing. It must be hard to see your friends' lifeless bodies," he said in a calm, even tone. His voice didn't have a soothing quality to it. It was emotionless as if unaffected by her sadness, or the destruction that surrounded them.

The words were caught in her throat as she stared gapping at him. An intuition in her mind told her this man knew dark powers that nobody would dare touch. She could sense it swirling within him. His powers were ancient and powerful capable of anything he saw fit.

"I can rewind the time and space... You can change your friends' fate and destiny... Even be a heroine and save your world," the figure exclaimed.

"Y-you can let me... go back in time to change the past?" she choked in disbelief.

"Would you want that?"

"Of course. I would give anything to make it back to normal! To see my friends again!"

"Then... say you accept."

"I-I... accept," she spoke with a stern, determined tone and a hope of a better future in her voice. She could feel the figure smiling in satisfaction and she shivered. This didn't feel like she had done something good.

Before she could say anything more, she was overcome with a feeling of being pulled away and she let that feeling take her.


Chapter 1

Black clouds floated over the city named Az as the rain came down heavily onto the streets and buildings. Within Az, there was a dark presence that arrived in the cold rain. She was drenched from head to toe peering at the buildings curiously. It was a little girl no more than four feet high carrying a sword that was almost the same height as her.

At first glance, she seemed like an innocent, thirteen-year-old girl. However, the sword she carried was powerful and evil carved by a wicked old man, who possessed dark magic. He had died million of years ago and his work passed down through the ages cursed. The sword ended up in the hands of the little girl, Himeko.

Her bright blue eyes seemed to illuminate sinisterly through the dreary, foggy darkness that was filling the city of Az.

Fearful eyes peered from the house. An old woman gasped.

"The devil comes!"

Himeko could hear the old woman scream from within her house. She slowly turned towards the window. In a quick motion, the blinds were closed. The very act seemed to offend and anger the little girl as she unsheathed the dark, sinister sword she kept on her back.

"That's not being nice, old lady," Himeko spoke in a deep voice. She swung the sword as an invisible powerful force slammed into the house. The house was destroyed in seconds before her. The only trace the house had existed was the dirt and the wooden debris scattered in its lot.

Himeko laughed in satisfaction before continuing off towards her next unknown destination.

Unbeknownst to her, a figure stared down from the roof. A female. She had her curly black hair tied into a ponytail and hazelnut serious eyes. Her gaze darkened at the sight she had seen.

"All of this… happening again… watching it all…"

The female's gaze began to change looking haunted by images in her head. She was about to leap off the roof when a mysterious man stopped her by grabbing her shoulder tightly causing the female to grimace at the tight grip. He hid his face constantly within a hood for as long as she could remember.

"Changing events may lead to consequences, child."

The female angrily shook the man's hand off her shoulder.

"So you want me to watch it all happen again? You heartless bastard! I have to watch all the tragedies happen again for a second time?"

A frightening air emanated from the man causing the female to swallow hard and take a step back.

"You're a paradox from another time and place. You cannot change every tragedy nor can you change fate," his voice boomed at her.

The female's lower jaw worked grudgingly as she responded," Fine, I don't have much of a choice with you watching my every move."

The female turned her attention back to Himeko below the streets with a distant, haunted look in her eyes.

I can't… just watch, but… if I do something… I might change the future… for good… or bad. I only can entrust my hope in those stone slabs.

In the city of Az a year later…

"Thief! Get back here!"

A brown- blond haired male about the age of nineteen leaped out of a two story house without hesitation and began to make a dash for it through the busy streets weaving through people. The buildings looked Victorian and all looked to be identical. There were a few cottages, stores, two story buildings and a few houses. The walkway was built with bricks and stone.

Guards came racing out of the building wearing red with a golden cross symbol on the back.

The male looked at what he had stolen from the rich looking house and then frowned. He was staring at a square stone slab with odd scribbles all over it. He frowned.

"WHAT THE HELL!" he cursed in frustration," This was what was so valuable! THIS?"

The male quickly rounded the corner into an alleyway. The guards wouldn't be able to find their direction through the maze of these alleys. The guards entering had already lost the male staring at two paths he could've went in confusion. The group quickly divided into two groups.

The male was staring down at them. He had climbed onto the roof of one of the houses just as he had rounded into the alleyway. He gave a snicker.

"Stupid guar—"

"Stupid guards, huh? Guess I'm not as stupid as them, huh?" another male voice said from behind causing the male to turn slowly.

"You… you're that princely dude girls keep squealing about," the brown-blond haired male cried shaking his index finger at the other male. The male didn't look impressed.

"It's Night. You must be that thief that makes people cry. You know its rude to point, you uncivilized bastard," Night snapped at him looking slightly annoyed. The brown-blond haired male held up the stone slab.

"It's not like they needed this stone slab," the brown-blond haired male said and added," By the way, as much as I love you calling me "uncivilized bastard" you should at least call me by name, Rey!"

"Does it matter for a thief," Night retorted. Rey just laughed.

"Well then… maybe you should let me go since I didn't steal anything that valuable," Rey exclaimed as Night's gaze darkened.

"Yeah right," Night said rolling his eyes," I'm a warrior in training. I'm supposed to protect the civilians from people like you."

Rey gave him thumbs down and blew a raspberry.

"You're doing a horrible job. You talk too much," Rey said. Night raced at Rey and tackled him to the ground. Rey attempted to knee Night in the stomach as Night punched him in the face.

Then suddenly Night and Rey were knocked back away from each other. Night shook away the disorientation and then turned to see the stone but there was something odd about it.

"That stone slab…" Night trailed off staring unblinkingly at the stone on the ground. Rey gave an odd look at Night before he slowly turned to look at the stone. The scribbles on it were glowing a bright fuchsia.

"What the— d-do stones usually glow?"

Night grimaced at Rey.

"What sort of stupid question is that?"

Rey shrugged.

"I thought you were smart since you have such a high and mighty attitude all the time," Rey retorted. Rey and Night had their mouths drop open as their surroundings began to change. The sun shining down on them had disappeared taken over by dark clouds. The building roof became the streets as a young girl with a large sword on her back walked towards them with a rather evil grin.

"What the… what is this? What's going on," Night spluttered. Rey slowly turned to look at Night.

"You took the words out of my mouth."

Night furrowed his brows staring at the girl that was walking towards them and then a look of terror dawned over his face.

"That little girl... she's... the one who caused the chaos a year ago."

End Note: Well... the mysterious stone definitely has some mysterious power to it... OoooooOoo... it glows purple!