Chapter 2

Night had taken a couple of steps back looking terrified as he watched the girl approach them with a small, devilish grin over her face. Rey was slightly confused at Night's reaction and pointed at the girl.

"Her? You're scared of a little girl," Rey questioned in disbelief and then began speaking in a high pitched voice while swaying his hips back and forth," Oh… Night's so fearless! He's just scared of little girls with a big sword!"

Night glared at Rey as he put his hand in Rey's face and shoved him out of his sight.

"You obviously don't know what happened a year ago, or you wouldn't be doing that," Night snapped at him in irritation. Rey became serious again and rolled his eyes.

"Why should I care?" Rey snapped at him and then questioned," Why does she have a big sword anyway? Little girls shouldn't be playing with sharp objects. Especially one of that size."

The girl had stopped in her place to glare at the both of them. Night took a step back. Rey stood in place with a confused look as he stared unblinkingly at the sinister little girl.

"Are you going to be in my way? Or will you move," she hissed at them. Night hesitantly stepped aside but Rey stood in place with his brows furrowed.

"No, why should I?" he said defiantly as a voice spoke simultaneously to his. Rey realized the girl wasn't speaking to him when he turned around to see a rugged looking male.

The male looked to be in his late twenties dressed in silver plate armour and was holding a broad sword in his right hand. He had a stern expression over his face.

Night looked like he was seeing a ghost taking another step back.

"Who is that? The great warrior who saved the town from the clutches of a little girl? Don't tell me you're going to start fanboying over him," Rey remarked in a droll tone. Night took his eyes away from the male to glare at Rey.

"He was the hero of this town, you dumbass! There's a statue of him when you enter the town! You obviously don't notice anything but valuables!" Night snapped back at Rey and said in a forlorn voice," I'm finally going to know... what happened to him."

Rey's face contorted into even more confusion as he frowned at Night. He had no idea what the hell was going on or why Night was being so weird. Night had a forlorn look in his eyes like he'd known the male before them much more than a hero to the town.

Rey could tell that Night knew this male… In Night's eyes, he wasn't just the hero of this town. Since there was a statue of the male, the male must've disappeared or died in this fight.

"I will rid this world of your existence so no more will suffer at your hands," the warrior proclaimed in a confident manner as he pointed his sword at the girl. The little girl's lips began to quirk into a crooked smile.

"Another hero coming to their town's rescue?" The girl laughed at the thought. Her gaze darkened. "You'll meet the same end as all the others... Dead."

The warrior began running at the girl as he dragged the sword on the ground beginning to create sparks.

"We'll see if that will change," the warrior said in a deep, raspy voice as he began to pick up speed racing towards the girl. The girl giggled.

"Alright, let's play."

The warrior swung. His sword cut the air making an odd vibrating sound before a gust of wind hit the girl. The girl stood fast as she cocked her head and commented," Hm... a breeze. It feels nice."

The girl reached for the sinister sword on her back as she pulled it from its sheath slowly. The warrior brought down his sword at the girl as she parried.

The colliding of the swords caused the dirt to rise around them shielding them within the dust cloud. Rey and Night weren't able to see what happened next. When the dust cleared the warrior had a large gash across his chest barely able to continue standing. His broad sword had broke and he was left holding only the handle. The warrior threw it aside as the young girl raced at him. The warrior managed to leap to the right to dodge the large sword the girl swung without much effort.

"What is this?" a female's voice questioned causing Night and Rey to be slightly confused. The surroundings began to fade as the street became the rooftop and the dark clouds had disappeared as the sun shone brightly over them. A female with curly blond hair was standing there with a puzzled expression observing the stone from top to bottom. The stone had stopped glowing. It looked like any normal stone slab.

Night had dove at the female and snatched the stone from her hand causing her to blink repeatedly in surprise and began examining it flipping it over every side and then shook it violently. Nothing happened.

"You broke the stone, Kiara," Night snapped at her. The female, Kiara, scrunched up her nose as she put a hand on Night's forehead to feel his temperature.

"Are you okay, Night? It's just a stone," Kiara said blinking innocently at Night.

"That's what I said until it started glowing," Rey cried. Kiara raised a brow.

"Uh... huh... both of you ate too much crazy bread today."

Night had turned his attention to Rey and interrogated in a desperate tone," Who did you steal this from?"

Kiara's eyes widened at the realization of who was standing before her.

"HE'S THE THIEF ALL THE GUARDS HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR?" Kiara screamed in realization and then she began running in circles while hopping around. She began to blow a whistle around her neck and stopped to cry," GUARDS! I FOUND THE THIEF! I FOUND HIM! HE'S ON THE-"

Rey had quickly covered Kiara's mouth to stop her from screaming.

"SSSSHHH! It's just a stupid stone! Why would they want it back anyway?" Rey hissed at her and then examined her clothes and the jewelry she was wearing. She was wearing a long white dress with a belt that had diamonds on it. She was wearing three golden bracelets on her left wrist and necklace of a diamond covered snowflake and a whistle. His brown eyes quickly lit up and stated," You're rich."

Kiara began to take a step away from him giving Rey a weary look," Y-you... what are you thinking? Pervert!"

Kiara punched him across the face as Rey held his nose in agony.

"GAAH! What sort of girl are you? Hitting people in the face... Are you crazy?" Rey cried at her. Kiara laughed.

"I took down the thief!" Kiara cried triumphantly and then turned to Night," Did you see th-" Kiara stopped her laughing realizing Night was gone. Kiara looked around furiously turning a 180 degree circle, then peered over the roof and down at her feet. Rey raised a brow.

"Night didn't shrink," Rey said in a droll tone and then frowned," Why am I still here?" Then he dangled a diamond covered snowflake and the whistle necklace and the three golden bracelets. He smirked in satisfaction as his eyes lit up," This is going to make me rich... for a few days! RICH I TELL YOU! WOOHOO!"

Kiara gapped looking down at her wrist and her neck to see her jewelry wasn't there. She spluttered as she helplessly pointed at Rey and watched Rey leap off the roof disappearing into the streets. She tried to get off the roof the way she had come to chase after Rey, but the ladder had disappeared. Kiara began hopping in circle on the rooftop on one leg and then interchanging to the other while flailing her arms.

"OH NO! NOOOOoo I'm trapped on a rooftop! I can't get down! Night? Someone? Anyone saaaave meeeee!" Kiara cried in a frenzied manner and then said in a quiet tone," I really have to pee."

The mysterious female with curly black hair tied into a ponytail and hazelnut eyes was looking at the scene that had transpired and scrunched up her nose as she played with a necklace around her neck twirling it in her finger. A snowflake could be seen dangling from the necklace chain.

"...*sigh* What an idiot..." The female had a faint smirk but had a nostalgic look in her eyes. "I wish... this could last forever."

Author's Note: I know its been a long time since I updated. This chapter had been half done for a long time since I was stuck. I decided to put a little bit of action and then a lot of humour in. Kiara's a little airheaded as you can tell and super energetic. Hope she was a good addition. Haha. She's the stereotypical damsel in distress… Can't you tell? =) Hope you enjoy the chapter!