It was a good day

The wasteland spread out before me in a stretch of death.

I lifted my head to the sky, the bones of my neck cracking.

The sun burned my eyes, blocking my prey from sight.

A small breeze rolled in.

I snapped my head to the warehouse on my right.

I froze from my hiding place as the thing turned.

I smelt home...

With every step near me, the stench of decay increased.

I let out a moan...So close.

Hearing the creature cry out, I readjusted my grip.

I wanted something...No—needed something—

A shot rang through the air.

I cursed as my bullet buried itself inches away from the thing's head.

The echo stirred my anger...I would take what I wanted.

I repositioned my rifle, knowing I wouldn't live to make another mistake.

I ran toward the crates, bones grinding, muscle tearing, flesh swinging along with my tattered clothes.

The creature drew near.

I was close...

Another shot was fired.

"Hey man, you okay?" my friend called down from the warehouse opposite of my hiding place.

"Yeah, can't believe that thing almost got me."

He laughed, "Zombies man, they're smarter than you think."