Puppets of time,

It is beyond the boundaries of imagination, entoleted with creation, wide yet so empty. Maybe words never had such indulgence. Maybe the truth never existed. All those years spend in the dark you no more seek freedom, why? You ask,

Well the question came into being because you always knew the answer. Those emotions you show, how can't one read you so? Maybe there was no need. Maybe there is no end or maybe no need either. Tear stained you startled out lost in your own thoughts. Stumbling over feelings, something remains secrets forever.

Those closed words stay slumbered till eternity. Some things you can never hide. Like something dragging you into being but then you are forgotten,

Like you never lived, never had an impact, ever felt that this was nothing but a flinch? A mistake or maybe something deeper like pinned to it. Trying to face faith we have forgotten ourselves…