Genki Ghost

Part 1

I'm all alone again. No one wants to bat an eyelash at me, let alone talk to me. I migrated from my nest of friends at the table at the cafeteria to the deserted rooftop of this school. It's blazing hot and I felt that I could be baked by the heat.

So why is it that I'm alone? That my friends abandoned me?

It's because of her. This pink-haired beret girl right next to me. She always has this huge grin plastered on her face. No, it's not cockiness but rather sincerity. I find it annoying. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an enemy of happiness. In fact, I would find it cute, but for her, I find it obnoxious. Why? Let's say you glued a cactus onto your desk. After a month or two, it gets annoying to look at. But you can't remove it.

She's my cactus. I can't remove her from my life. I didn't even ask her to enter it. She forced herself into my life, trying to spread happiness into my dull life. But I already had it going until she came and made it dull. She caused the one thing she was trying to prevent.

Of course, I can forgive her. I can forgive anyone. I already have forgiven her. But she's rather fond of me. Okay, that's condensing it. She's nuts over me and isn't hiding it. I'm not gay. I can, and I would return her feelings towards me. She's nice and she's cute. But there is one thing that stops me from doing so.

She's dead.

Mihiro Kusuha, an estimated age of fifteen to eighteen. She has short pink hair and wears a beret over it. She's always wearing the uniform of a school I don't recognize, so I had assumed that was what she wore when she died. And under my observations, she's seriously perky. The one word that comes to mind about her personality is genki.

So, there are five things I've come to understand about her.

One. She's a ghost. No surprises.

Two. She can possess people. Creepy.

Three. She's invisible to everything else in this world. Though I'm sure I saw several animals bark at her.

Four. She's intangible towards every single object in the world.

And Five. Three and four don't apply to me. In other words, to me, she's an ordinary person. That can walk through walls and possess others. I can feel her, I can smell her, I can see her, I can hear her... I don't know about taste. This becomes a problem as I can feel her mass as well.

And this girl is the cactus glued to my table. She won't go away. I tried everything. From politely telling her to go away, to acting like a total jerk towards her. I even visited an exorcist! That was a total hoax. Hell, I even confronted a Catholic priest, but he told me that he only exorcises demons, not ghosts. Point is, she won't be leaving me alone anytime soon.

So you might be wondering. Why me? Why is she haunting me? When did she start haunting me? I don't know. I don't know. And as for the third question, she was the first thing I saw when I woke up in a hospital about two months ago. What was I doing in a hospital, you ask? I had an accident. I got run over by an SUV. But I survived, that's what matters.

So based on what I've concluded, she's probably a patient who died in said hospital. I've asked her before, but she's pretty vague on the subject. The answer I got was,

"Yes, I died in that hospital."

"Of what?"

She shut up right there.

This is my story. Of how I cope with this ghost. About how I try to deal with a world that thinks I've lost my mental capabilities and have started talking to imaginary friends. I'd probably think I'm crazy too if I weren't me.

Oh. I haven't introduced myself. How rude of me. My name's Masaya. But everyone calls me Kenta. It's because I was in this play several years back and I had the part of Kenta who became very popular. So, to this school, I'm Kenta. I'm seventeen, and I attend Gekkoukan. I can't describe my looks, but from whatever I see in the mirror, I have red hair and green eyes. I never check my height but I know that I'm almost as tall as a fridge.

Other than that, I used to represent the school in boxing. But that's in the past now. The accident screwed my left arm over, so now I can't strain it too much or else it will, in worst case scenario, break. So now I'm clubless and friendless at the same time. Woohoo...

So, I have three goals for now.

One. Get Mihiro out of my life. She's ruined it the moment she stepped in.

Two. Get my friends back. They mean a lot to me.

Three. Find out as much as I can about Mihiro. I may want her out of my life, but I'm a curious cat. If she keeps telling me that she loves me, then I want to know more about what kind of person falls for me.

They're simple goals, in theory. But little did I know, those three goals would have turned me into a completely different man.

Yo! If you've read BGQG, you'd remember Masaya as that one guy who talks to air. This, my friends, is his story. And it takes place before BGQG starts.