Genki Ghost

Part 3

The term 'ghost' really differs among people. But in the end, it really does refer to one thing. The dead. Unlike zombies who are undead, ghosts are just... Dead. They're there, but they're not there. A contradiction of existence.

Some say it's the souls of the restless, those who weren't mourned after death. Others say it's the souls of those who died an unexpected death, such as an accident or a sudden stroke. Other people say it's the souls of those who committed suicide. Some even say it's the souls of those who wish to linger in the human world longer just because they have unfinished business.

But when I asked Mihiro, all she ever said was, "I really don't know." Idiot.

I watched a movie about a girl who got an eye transplant from another woman who was about to die. After that, she was haunted by the ghost of the dead woman and she was the only one who could see her because her eyes belonged to the ghost. So to say, if one were to give an sensory organ to someone else and then die, they'd be able to sense the dead person's ghost with the given sensory organ.

For example, if Mihiro were to give me her cochlea and then die, I'd be able to hear her voice. If she gave me her eyes, I'd be able to see her. If she gave me her tongue... Please scratch that from your mind.

The problem with that is the fact that I can sense her with all five senses, or at least four. I still haven't tried out tasting. So the idea that she gave me an organ is totally out.

It was late at night and I was still up in my dorm. I was surfing various websites trying to figure out why Mihiro is haunting (does it count as haunting?) me. You can't find a cure if you don't know the illness. Of course, since she's dead, she doesn't sleep. So the whole time, she was looking over my shoulder and shrieking every time a picture of a ghost came up. Even though she's a ghost herself.

"Masayaaaaaaaa!" She shook me rapidly, making the bed creak. "Close that tab, it's scary! Why are you always spacing out?"

"No luck..." I grumbled. "Dammit, why won't you tell me why I'm the only one who can sense you?"

"Because I don't know!" She puffed up her cheek.

"You're supposed to know this kind of thing...!" I groaned as I moved the mouse to the x right by the side of the tab. After that, I shut down the laptop and put it on the small table right beside my bed with a yawn.

"Yay!" Mihiro hugged me and forced me to lay flat on the bed with her weight. "Let's sleep together!"

"No!" I tried to push her off the bed, but her clutch on me was stronger than a pro-wrestler performing a bear hug. "You don't even sleep!"

"I can rest, and I can only rest with you." Mihiro pouted. "I can't touch any object other than you, remember? So I can only lie down on you!"

"Just float over there!" I shouted as I pointed at the empty area in the middle of the room.

Mihiro let out a frustrated grumble. She got off the bed with her feet floating in midair and took a horizontal floating stance that looks reminisced of a person lying down on a hammock. "Happy Kenta?"

"It's Masaya...!" I growled furiously before closing my eyes.

In barely five minutes, I was already dozing off. I was ninety percent asleep. I felt something hold me around the waist and another around my neck. It felt warm. After that, I felt a person just push himself... I'd rather say, herself against me, her forehead directly under my chin. I sniffed twice and it made me feel nostalgic.

It smelt like Eina. If there's one thing I miss, it's her. Her voice, her eyes, her face, her smile... Everything. The moment Mihiro entered my life, I lost all that. I try to hold it back, but really, that's one thing I'll always miss.

I hugged the thing that was right next to me and holding me as I quietly sobbed asleep.

The alarm bell went off. It was time for school.

I felt something rubbing against my lips. It was smooth yet very hard. When I moved my lips just a little, I felt silky hair. I whiffed a little bit and it really did smell like Eina.

Out of reflex, with closed eyes, I pecked her forehead.

I moved my head back as I opened my eyes, just anxious to see Eina's embarrassed face.

But what greeted was none other than Mihiro's teasing grin.

"Stop looking at me like that...!" I shouted at her as we walked towards school.

"What...?" She leered at me as she neared me. "Are you embarrassed... Hentaaaaaa-i?"

"It's Kenta!" I shouted at her angrily. "Uh, Masaya!"

"Oh really...?" She glomped at me from behind and wrapped her arms around my neck, forcing me to piggyback her.

"Just till class, okay?" I muttered.

"Mmm!" She rubbed her cheek against the back of my head.

"Hello there, Kenta." Daisuke greeted the moment I stepped into the class. His smug grin made me feel as if he was anticipating me to come. "What are you doing with your arms?"

"Huh?" I glanced down and noticed that I was still holding Mihiro's legs as I forgot to put her down. I immediately let go and made her fall back, her arms still clutching around my neck. This caused me to fall backwards, right in front of the entire class. "Ow!"

"Did he just fall down by himself?" One classmate stated the obvious.

In just a moment, the entire class laughed like a pack of hyenas. I scurried back and got out of the class.

A teacher noticed me as I ran pass her in the hallway. "Kenta! Where are you going?"

"It's Masaya!" I screamed as I ran away to wherever I can find solitude

"Goddammit, Mihiro!" I screamed at her as I climbed the stairwell to the roof. "I can't show my face in class anymore...!"

"Aw, it's just a little fall." She smiled at me. "It's nothing, really. Your classmates aren't going to look down on you. I used to fall down all the time, right in front of the class! Don't be embarrassed, Masaya."

I glared at her furiously, making her tremble with a fearful expression. After just a few moments, I sighed and sat in the shade. "I can never know whether someone like you can ever be embarrassed."

"Aww, don't say it like that...!" She puffed up her cheeks and stomped the ground.

"That's the way I see it." I looked away.

"Geez." She put both hands on her waist. "You can't hang around here too long, you have to get back to class or you're in trouble."

"No way." I shook my head.

"If it's my fault, I'll make it up to you!" She winked at me.

"And how?" I questioned.

"You'll see!" She grinned. "Just go back, I promise you it won't be bad. I don't want to see you get in trouble, so please." She clasped her hands together and looked into my eyes with puppy eyes. So to say, no was not an option.

"Fine..." I stood up reluctantly. "But this 'make up' thing better be good! And no, I don't want to see your boobs again, it made me feel like a lolicon, those things are seriously ti-"

Mihiro delivered a headbutt against my jaw with a deafening scream. "HENTAAAAA-I!"

I slid the class doors open, fully expecting the worst to happen. And yet, the most I got were snickering looks from my classmates. My teacher was actually taking a nap; the blackboard was at least filled with notes to be copied down. How long was I gone? When I my face just a few degrees, I saw Daisuke's face.

"Did you manage to balance your sense of gravity?" Daisuke sneered at me.

"Yes, apparently my ass was real swollen when I woke up and I couldn't stand up straight." I shrugged at him.

Mihiro snickered.

"Heh." His eyes narrowed as he looked behind me for just a moment before looking back at me.

"Oh, Kenta." Yukino called out to me.

"It's Henta-i... Masaya. It's Masaya." I bit my tongue as punishment for messing that one up.

"M-Masaya..." Yukino seemed embarrassed for making a mistake with my name. "A third year came by just now while you were out, said her name was Eina."

I widened my eyes and then crossed the distance between where I stood and her desk. As I put my hands on her desk, I asked with a desperate tone, "What'd she say?"

"She wanted to have a word with you later during recess, on the rooftop." She answered with a minor brood, implying she knew what that meant.

We all knew what 'have a word' means. It's human slang for 'break up'. Go figure. Eina and I hadn't been on good tides for a while. I guessed that she got fed up and wanted to end the charade. It's inevitable. Even if I don't turn up, it'll happen sooner.

That. Just. Sucks.