Color Re-Association
it's far more red than green:
this twisting in me, like folding into
trenches ready for the outbreak in
that shade of red. it's the red of
your lipstick slipping like a smirk in
to our conversation and soaking up
the color saturation (it was the quirk of
laughter between my lips before
you ate it with loud and gaudy
phrases). red as math class rent:
compensation for empty pockets and
he never fails to repay; the clack of
your ruby-red nails on his desk snatch
it up. the red rises to the surface in
my stumbles over made-up road
blocks to make up for my jumbled
words (red like my chewed lip, too);
coiling like a snake at the half-talked
tones of your eyes-closed song, red
mirrored in the undercooked vocals (you
tried to balance with expression:
emotion riddled your face like worms).

i'd rather be blue (for it's not what
they think either) than red. blue as
violet, summer skies and seas, shadows
flickering across snow—i would easily
slide into these hues. but you seem
determined to leech all the color and
leave me with only red.