Hopes and fears

The hopes and fears, the love and loathing.

I am amazed you still stand by me day after day.

I trust you but I just can't say it.

I want to open up, but something inside stops me short.

I want to be with you for all eternity.

You make me want to live, laugh and survive.

It's on the tip of my tongue,

I just can't say it.

You know I love you


I'm failing you each day.

I want to tell you everything I remember.

It doesn't haunt me any more

I no longer feel sad and lost.

You did that.

Why can't I just say it.

You know I Love you,


I felt like I was in the pits of hell.

Some may say I was,

Fending for myself,

In the house with her.

I know now she was ill, still is.

I am happy now, she doesn't have the control.

Why can't I just tell you what it was like in those few weeks.

You know I Love you,


You want to know, for some reason it doesn't matter any more.

Does the past matter now. Really, is it something you have to know.

Why do past relationships matter that much to you?

Why do you have to know every small detail?

Why do you take me for granted?

Why do you push so much?

Why after all of that do I still Love you so damn much?

You know I love you,


You don't see my frustrations when you ask me to do everything.

You don't see that I need to have some alone time.

You don't see that we are not fully equal.

You don't see that I do all that I do out of love and care for you.

You know me.

You know my fears.

You know my hopes.

You can crush me in one fell swoop.

You know I Love you,


I'm sorry I don't get emotional when you expect.

I never have been,

I remember going to a theme park,

everyone excited, but me.

You know I Love you,


I never had anyone to show my emotions to.

You know she wasn't there for me.

How many people have you seen change,

The thing which are most ingrown and rooted deep.

I have left that past behind me with your help.

You know I Love you,


I'm looking to the future,

The future unknown.

Our future unknown.

You know I Love you,