Five: Hidden Bunker

Crys flips on a heavy-duty light switch. A light switches on.

Crys and Marina are standing in an underground tunnel. Two strings of lights, one on each wall of the tunnel, near the roof, slowly switch on: The ones closer to the pair are slowly followed by the ones that continue down the tunnel. Think of the way Ben Gates lights the treasure vault in National Treasure.

Crys leads Marina down the tunnel. He takes a key out of his pocket as the two of them reach a door and unlocks it. He holds it open for Marina. "Ladies first," he says.

Marina groans and rolls her eyes as she walks into the room. She flips on a normal light switch.

From the doorway we look around the room and see that it looks like a really cramped bedroom. Overhead is a single, bare light bulb. The walls are a drab gray, and have no decorations. There are two sets of bunk beds set into the far wall. In between these sets of beds, up against the wall, are two plain wooden desks, seemingly with only the chairs and tiny lamps as decorations. To the left of the door, against the wall, is a hard, gray couch, which sits by a plain wooden coffee table. On the opposite wall sits a single wooden chest of drawers.

Marina, walking to the center of the tiny room, takes it all in and is disgusted. "This ugly place is your safe house?"

Crys walks in behind her. "What were you expecting? Buckingham Palace?"

Marina rolls her eyes and groans as she slumps onto the couch.