Children's Book

Forde Gets a Flat

p.1: Forde is on the move to where his adventure will start

p.2: with his new wheels that look so smart.

p.3: Here is Mercedes so cute and sweet.

p.4: What fun will we have when Forde and Mercedes meet?

p.5: Out of the town and around and around but where have we reached?

p.6: I can see the beach!

p.7: What animals can we see when Forde and Mercedes are at the sea?

p.8: Clive the crab walks left to right giving Forde an awful fright.

p.9: Fiona the fish shows off her beautiful scales.

p.10: Watch out Fiona! Here comes Wallis the whale.

p.11: Gale the gull glides above the waves

p.12: and goes to explore his favourite caves.

p. 13: Rover the dog rolls around in the sand.

p.14: Come on Rover come back on to land.

p.15: "These new wheels are the best" Forde started to boast.

p.16: as all was cold and dark on the coast

p.17: Mercedes left Forde as she was tired of his endless rant.

p.18: "Oh no!" screamed Forde "You can't!"

p.19: Forde wobbled and bobbled down the uneven road.

p.20: All of a sudden Forde slowed.

p.21: Oh no! Forde's new wheels are about to blow!

p.22: Come back Mercedes Forde needs a tow.

p.23: Let's call Mercedes in one…two…three!

p.24: Can you see Mercedes near the sea?

p.25: There she is behind the tree.

p.26: Quick Mercedes pull Forde free.

p.27: Well done Mercedes and well done Forde,

p.28: Is there a better reward?

p.29: That Forde and Mercedes will be friends forever

p.30: And Forde learned not to boast on their next endeavour.