A Rose without Thorns

- A short story written by The-Tabby-Kitteh

Deserts loomed over the landscape in front of a lone, wild looking teenage girl. The girl appeared to be completely bedraggled with disheveled ebony shaded hair, tattered black frilly skirt and shirt, and frayed tennis shoes that were now the color of red dirt. A black 2004 Jeep rolled in from across the horizon, kicking up dust in the girls face proving that she wasn't alone after all.

"Faith, I found those Dragon eggs you was looking for…Hey! I just got like the awesomest idea ever, hows 'bout we tells real persons about its!" hollered a pudgy, nerdy looking kid with greasy black hair, hazel eyes, and glasses that obscured half of his thirteen year old face. Faith turned around to glare at him using her bare hands as a make believe sun block. The thirteen or so year old beside her held several trash bags, filled to the brim, with blue or pink speckled Dragon eggs.

"Look, Lucas, we can't just go telling the world about the supernatural. Remember what DarkLotus and SuperNova said on that one s1sudeki site?" Faith promptly pointed out, while desperately trying to keep her calm. Her voice seemed to echo across the barren wastelands that seemed to be the perfect breeding grounds for Dragons.

Thump! Thump!

The sound shocked her as she whirled around to see that Lucas wasn't even listening to her at all, and was getting ready to drop a few of the bags full of Dragon eggs back into the Jeep. Obviously Lucas wasn't listening to her warning, but Faith didn't really care.

Lucas swerved and sped all the way down to the local Channel 18 news station. When they arrived there, after a lot of coaxing, a nice balding man allowed them to do a segment on the truth about the Supernatural with the Dragon eggs as proof.

Three days later, the Government's Men in Black people killed Lucas and kidnapped Faith. No one knows if Faith lived or died, not even me, and that's the sad reality of it all. And, that story about finding that one false Dragon in the Himalayan Mountains was just a cover-up for the real one and the real Dragons are still being hunted down. I hope you believe me, because whether you believe it or not- It's all real my friend. I lost my best friend whose username was RoseWithoutThorns, and whose real name was Faith. The Government came after her, and now since I told you this, even though it is in story form, they'll probably come after me too. This isn't fictional, and now you know that nothing ever is as it seems.