I remember the days were I called you "Best friend"

Times when I said our friendship would never end

That you were the best and together we had a blast

But that was the past

We've changed so much I find it hard to remember

The days when I said we'd be best friends forever

That no matter who I couldn't trust, I could always trust you

But now you doubt that even that was true

Something happened to you and I'm not sure what

You used to shine so bright, always happy and full of light

But something evil corrupted that beautiful mind of yours

Making you blind and deaf to the love around you

We tell you we love you, but you only see hate

When we speak, you think it sounds fake

I'd apologize, but what for?

You'd only say it didn't matter, that it's just like before

I try to act like nothing happened, to forgive and forget

But the way you talk, it makes me wish we never met

You turn every compliment into an insult

Making conversation so difficult

A few days ago I thought of us

And how I miss the old you

If only you'd listen I would say

I love you, even if you'll never love me again

I'm sorry, even if you're tired of hearing it

And we care, even if you say we don't

So as long as that's out

You can do what you please

Try to bring me down

You can attempt to make me mean

Just try to turn this smile into a frown

So go ahead and mock me dear

Because I know it's your way of hiding fear

I would apologize but what for?

Because I realize the girl I loved isn't there anymore