How could this have happened, to have risen so high and then fallen so low?

They had ruined everything, months, years of planning all wiped away in an instant.

It had spent long enough plotting and positioning, it would start over, it would take time but…

A stab of pain erupted throughout its body.

Injured, perhaps fatally. Plans, Ambitions set back….

Thoughts became blurred and then shifted…

Casting the thoughts backwards and across the time, to see the intricate web of coincidences and connections that linked these enemies to it and this… setback.

How could this have happened?

Author's Note: This story is a spin-off from Strange Aberdare. I know what you are thinking, he hasn't even finished the main story and he's doing a spin-off!

Seriously though I started thinking about this shortly after chapter 8 and after finishing chapter 9 I definitely wanted to expand on the story, I had put so much thought to that chapter (even if it doesn't appear so when you read it) and I wanted to expand the back stories of the characters. Also I knew that some of the characters origins seemed a bit flat and I wanted to reveal them without cutting into and disrupting the main story.

You don't have to read Strange Aberdare to enjoy these stories but if you do I hope they further your enjoyment of the story.

Some of these stories will have significance in the main plot of Strange Aberdare, some are just to fill in the background for certain characters, some characters that appear here will later cross over and some might not.

I am also playing a timeline caption just before the story, so that you know where its placement in the storyline and a spoiler caption in case you do read the main series but don't want certain events spoiled by reading these first. Also I know this is just a line of text and not much plot but later stories will out weigh the author's note.

So please, please try and stick with me will you? After all if you don't like one story another may come along that you do like, my personal favourites are Attack and Defend and the House at the end of the Lane.