Power radiates from around
Us as we face off in
Glorious battle. It's been a
Long time coming, and now it's
Here. The day that one will
Be annihilated in the war between
Light and Dark.

I face you head on and don't
Care that I could lose it all. I could
Also win it all. I can live free after this.
I can have it all. Him and I can.

Darkness pours from your soul and
I am no symbol of Light but I am
Still lighter than all the minions
In your party. I am the darkest of the Light.
I am the dimmest of the bright. But I am
The brightest of the dim.

Red energy races through me as I
Prepare to make this last time worthwhile.
I am a killer. I am a murderer. But at
Least I have killed a number that I can
Count. Tell me the day you've figured
Out all you've done, but no matter what,
I'll be victorious, because Light always wins,
Even if the brave girl's gone.

The red bursts from my eyes and I sweep my
Arms in a dramatic fashion as energy shoots
Out from my hands. Do you hear those
Screams in the background? They're
Calling for you. For me. For Light. For Dark.
For Death. For the most powerful of all: Love.
This battle could go on forever but in the
Moment of power and energy and pure chaos,
I know that I've won.