see those marks
scrawled across my body
like a living map of pain
a written history of who I am.

the scars on my knuckles
an echo of a fight
so long ago,
they never faded.

see the scabs
a fragile barrier between the wounds
and the world.
painful, pulsing,

see the bite marks
where I ve bitten myself
to keep my mouth shut.
to keep my words from coming out.

see my tear stains?
that crawl down my cheeks.
slowly becoming daily.

these are the marks
that are unique to me.
those are the scars
you can see.

much deeper
can find.

my heart.
frantically fighting agents the scar tissue
for every pulse.
broken and bleeding again.

my mind.
shattered and ripped
filled with brutal memories.
calling me away from the real world
to suffocate me
in my other life.

these are my scars
fallowing me to the end.