This is basically fanfiction for the novel I'm working on at the moment. So. Heh.

"What's your name?"

The little dark-haired girl looked up, blinking. Standing in front of her was the tallest, skinniest, blondest boy she'd ever seen. "Lina."

"I'm Ian Glacius," he said, putting probably-unnecessary emphasis on his last name. "Wanna play with me? Niko had to go home."

Lina nodded, standing up and brushing the dirt off the front of her skirt. Ian grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the swing set. "We were singing and jumping off," he said. "Do you ever do that?"

Lina shook her head, clambering onto the swing. Her feet dangled a few inches above the ground. Ian didn't notice her trials and kicked off the ground, swinging above the bar in seconds. "Come on!" he shouted. Lina kicked her feet helplessly.

"I can't!"

Ian was suddenly aware of her predicament. He jumped off the swing and landed hard on his hands and knees, picking rocks out of his bleeding palms before walking back to the swing set. "Niko can't touch the ground either," he said. "But he sort of moves his legs and he can get started that way."

Lina moved her legs, trying to copy what Ian had done when he was up in the air. Nothing happened. She glanced over to the other side of the swing set, where a dark boy was pushing a littler boy.

"Can you push me?" Lina asked. Ian thought for a bit, then nodded.

"Okay. I don't wanna jump off again. Momma says if I get dirt in an owie it'll get in-flec-ted," Ian said. He moved behind her and shoved her back, hard. Lina squealed and tumbled off the swing. "Sorry!"

Lina brushed herself off and jumped back on the swing. "Not so hard!"

She gripped the chains tighter and Ian pushed her, softer this time. Soon she was flying as high as Ian had been, laughing.

"Now jump!"

Lina looked down at the ground. It was suddenly extremely far away. "I can't!"

"I'll catch you!" Ian promised. He ran to stand in front of her and stretched his arms out. Lina looked at him doubtfully. Well, he was tall... she jumped.

Lina crashed down on top of him, knocking them both to the ground. He let of a squeak of pain as the wind was driven out of him. Lina scrambled off of him. Now his elbows were bleeding, too.

"Ian! We have to go!"

Ian jumped up and looked at Lina. "That's my Momma," he explained. And then he took the back of her head and smashed her lips onto his.

"Ow!" Lina exclaimed. Ian shrugged.

"That's what Daddy does to momma when he goes to work. Bye!"

They're cute, so shut up. xP I enjoyed writing it. I'm sorry if it's bad. I really don't know.