Hey, guys! So I got the go ahead from my agent to post the first few chapters of the most current draft of WHO'S EATING ERIC LYNCH? online. We thought it might help create some excitement for the novel. I went ahead and uploaded it as an entirely new document so that those who have reviewed the old one will be able to review the new one with no hassle. This update is just to let everyone who had WHO'S EATING ERIC LYNCH? on alert know that I've uploaded the new file as a new novel. I hope you've all been doing well, and once again thank you for all the support you gave me while I was writing the original. Hopefully one day the manuscript will find itself a home and into your hands!

I've also finished with the rewrite of THE ANGEL KRISTOPH, now titled THE TEMPLAR, KRISTOPH. If anyone would like to beta read it, hit me up and we can work something out.

- DR. SD